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  1. DCFS continues to operate its hotline and carry out investigations. As always, if you suspect a child is being abused or neglected, you should report it to the DCFS hotline immediately. You can contact the DCFS hotline by phone at 800-25-ABUSE (800-252-2873) or visit the DCFS website to make an online report
  2. Illinois statutes (Laws) are available from the Illinois Legislative Services website. For more information regarding Department Rules and Procedures, contact the DCFS Office of Child and Family Policy at cfpolicy@illinois.gov or 217-524-1983
  3. State of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services CFS 452-1 2/2006 WATER TEMPERATURE AGREEMENT Rule 402.8 (c) If the foster family home accepts children under the age of ten or who are developmentally disabled, the maximum hot water temperature from all showers and bathtubs shall be no more than 115º Fahrenheit
  4. LICENSING STANDARDS FOR DAY CARE CENTERS October 16, 2020 - P.T. 2020.17 Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Rules 407 - (6) i) Declaratory rulings shall not be appealable. (Section 5-150(a) of the Illinois
  5. Illinois workers are following Illinois DCFS guidelines for completing monthly visits with children placed from other states (using video/phone unless safety concerns). Illinois home study evaluators are completing as much as they can via phone/video until restrictions are lifted, then will do the required in person home visit before issuing a.
  6. On March 9, Governor Pritzker declared all counties in Illinois a disaster area in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Executive Order 2020-10 called for the suspension of all licensed day care centers, day care homes, and group day care homes in order to protect the health and safety of children and staff. On March 20, 2020, the Department of Children and Family Service

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  1. youth-serving program community. Further, DCFS understands that the COVID-19 pandemic is an everchanging situation. This Guidance is intended to be updated frequently as Illinois moves throughout the phases of Restore Illinois, in order to provide the most up to date guidance for the child care community
  2. Temperature (F) 104 119 124 131 137 110 136. Child Care Weather Watch Watching the weather is part of a child care provider's job. Planning for playtime, field trips, or weather safety is part of the daily routine. The changes in weather require the child care provider to monitor th
  3. A new law takes effect in 2020 and sets new guidelines for the Illinois DCFS when a child is returned to the custody of a parent or guardian
  4. Each phase has guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading in places that pose risks to the health and wellbeing of Illinoisans. All regions in Illinois are currently in Phase 4: Revitalization. Learn More. Vaccination Plan. The COVID-19 vaccine is an effective tool to safely reach the other side of this pandemic. We've now begun efficient.
  5. Watching the weather is just part of the job for daycare providers. Planning for playtime, field trips, or weather safety is part of the daily routine. The changes in weather require the child care provider to attend to the health and safety of children in their care
  6. 8) A draft-free temperature of 65º F to 75º F shall be maintained during the winter months or heating season. For infants and toddlers, a temperature of 68º F to 82º F shall be maintained during the summer or air-conditioning months. When the temperature in the center exceeds 78º F, measures shall be taken to cool the children
  7. AUTHORITY: Implementing and authorized by the Child Care Act of 1969 [225 ILCS 10] and the Children's Product Safety Act [430 ILCS 125]. SOURCE: Adopted and codified at 7 Ill. Reg. 9215, effective August 15, 1983; amended at 8 Ill. Reg. 8713, effective June 15, 1984; amended at 8 Ill. Reg. 24937, effective January 1, 1985; amended at 16 Ill. Reg. 7597, effective April 30, 1992; emergency.

3) The medical examination shall be valid for 2 years, except that subsequent examinations for school-age children shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Illinois School Code [105 ILCS 5/27-8.1] and the Child Health Examination Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 665), provided that copies of the examination are on file at the day care center a) Buildings used for day care center programs must comply with all applicable fire safety standards. The building housing a center shall be approved prior to occupancy and license renewal by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Office of the State Fire Marshal or local agencies authorized by those State agencies to conduct inspections on their behalf. Otherwise, inspection and.

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Sources: DCFS reports, Illinois Budget Briefing books, Inspector General's report on DCFS. The agency has been so intent on keeping children with their parents that its practice has resulted in putting those children in danger, a study released in mid-May by Chapin Hall, a child welfare think tank at the University of Chicago found All temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit Weather Guidelines for Children Weather Guidelines for Children Wind-Chill Factor Chart (in Fahrenheit) Wind Speed in mph Air Temperature 40 Calm 5 40 36 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 34 32 30 29 28 28 27 30 30 25 21 19 17 16 15 14 13 20 20 13 9 6 4 3 1 0 -1 10 10 1 -4 -7 -9 -11 -12 -14 -1 Anytime the temperature reaches 85 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, children and staff are encouraged to drink plenty of water while they are in the classroom, at recess, or in the lunchroom. People who are active should drink at least 4 ounces of water every 15 minutes This page contains a comprehensive list of IDPH's forms and publications organized by topic. Please browse this collection of forms and publications. If you can not find the form or publication that you are looking for, type a search term into the search tool at the top of the page

A DCFS licensing representative will investigate your complaint and report the results back to you. The day care center is required to provide a copy of its own written policies regarding the operation of the facility to each staff person and to parents of enrolled children. State of Illinois Illinois Department of Children and Family Service The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is responsible for licensing day care centers. When a day care center is licensed, it means that a DCFS licensing representative has inspected the facility and the facility was found to meet the minimum licensing requirements. A license is valid for three years Sesame Labeling HB2123/Public Act 101-0129 effective July 26, 2019 Effective August 19, 2018, PA100-0954 amends the Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act to allow the use of an existing Illinois Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification (FSSMC) issued by the Department that is still valid to meet the requirement of the Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM As of August 17, 2020, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) has released the most recent guidelines for Illinois Licensed Child Care and License Exempt School Age Guidance. RESTORE ILLINOIS Licensed Child Care Guidance & License Exempt School-Age Guidance Updated Restore Illinois Child Care Guidance (07.01.2020

It has since been detected in many countries around the world. This variant was first detected in the U.S. at the end of December 2020 and in Illinois in January 2021. In South Africa, another variant called B.1.351 emerged independently of B.1.1.7. Originally detected in early October 2020, B.1.351 shares some mutations with B.1.1.7 Illinois Health Care Facilities Plan [Title 77 Index] 77 Ill. Adm. Code Part 1100 Narrative and Planning Policies. 77 Ill. Adm. Code Part 1110 Processing, Classification Policies and Review Criteria. 77 Ill. Adm. Code Part 1120 Health Facilities Planning Economic and Fiscal Feasibility Review Manual Release: MR #21.11 DCFS Medical Benefits Policy Memo: SNAP Applications for Individuals Being Released from IDOC - Expanded to Kewanee and Illinois River The Cash, SNAP, and Medical Policy Manual and Workers' Action Guide is in OneNet format, for easier use and enhanced accessibility Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 100 W. Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60601 Marc.Smith@illinois.gov Via electronic mail Re: The Need For Immediate Action By the Department of Children and Family Services To Protect Parental Rights While Ensuring Public Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dear Director Smith Section 325.APPENDIX B DCFS Psychotropic Medications List AUTHORITY: Implementing Section 5 of the Children and Family Services Act [20 ILCS 505/5], the Juvenile Court Act of 1987 [705 ILCS 405], the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code [405 ILCS 5/1-100] and the Administration of Psychotropic Medications to Children Act [20 ILCS 535]

Becoming licensed shows parents that you are meeting the minimum health and safety standards set by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). By being licensed you will also receive higher daily rates from the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program, and may be eligible to apply for certain state grants and incentives Only one NPI number is required, but the NPI number cannot be shared with another Medicaid program (i.e. ICF/IID, DCFS, Early Intervention, DASA, DMH, etc.). The NPI must be a Type 2 - organizational NPI number. The recommended taxonomy code for CILA services is: 320900000X - Community Based Residential Treatment Facility, Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Disabilities

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IDHS 124 (R-09-20) SNAP Card Printed by Authority of the State of Illinois 50,000 copies P.O.#21-0145 Illinois Department of Human Services JB Pritzker, Governor · Grace B. Hou, Secretar Procedures for Students, Faculty and Support Staff who Test Positive: An immediate notification should be sent to the school/day care from the parent, faculty, or support staff, and this reporting requirement should be communicated to all in advance. The school/day care should send an immediate written notification to the Local Health Department (LHD) and begin discussions o for fever, cough, or shortness of breath and taking temperature if symptoms develop 1 Close contacts include household contacts, intimate contacts, or contacts within 6-ft. for 15 minutes or longer unless wearing N95 mask during period of contact. DAY CAMPS GUIDELINES PAGE 2 COVID-19 2020 DAY CAMPS GUIDELINES Part of Phase 3 of Restore Illinois. Child care providers will be allowed to reopen in Illinois as the state enters phase three of its reopening plan, likely at the end of the month, but changes are in store, Gov. J.B. Pritzker.

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physical or mental abuse of a child must, by law, be reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Weapons of any kind are prohibited. DCFS screens all staff for criminal background. 7. Procedures for Termination of Enrollment Because of Disciplinary Issues: If a child continues to have difficult Policy Statement: License Exempt Center Certification. A child care center not licensed by the State of Illinois has the burden of demonstrating that it meets the criteria for the exemption that it claims (see 89 Ill. Adm. Code 377) and must certify that its facility or program is exempt from licensure, including requesting exemption verification from the Illinois Department of Children and.

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In June 2006, DCFS convened an Expert Panel to provide consultation to the Department to establish a set of treatment guidelines for these children and youth. It was the consensus of the participants in the Expert Panel that children in the child welfare system present with such complicated clinical pictures that the formation of rigid. Except as allowed in Section 407.200(d)(3), children shall be taken outdoors for a portion of every day unless the weather conditions pose a danger such as lightening or extremely high or low temperatures DCFS is in crisis, said Heidi Dalenberg, director of institutional reform for the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois. The DCFS, which of course is in charge of keeping kids safe, is. Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) 0100-525.10 | Revision Date: 12/09/15. Overview. This policy guide reviews the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) including guidelines for placing a child or NMD out-of-state and responding to placement requests from other states On January 1, 2020, significant changes to the Illinois mandated reporter law will take effect for addressing child abuse and neglect issues. These changes are particularly important for all persons who care for children, such as in houses of worship, schools, and social service organizations. New training requirements apply for all mandated reporters, with clarification that all child care.

Gomez said the bill could also require DCFS submit reports on children moved to out-of-state facilities. She explained Illinois only placed seven kids in neighboring states' care facilities in 2006 Smith noted that DCFS is committed to serving the state's most vulnerable children - and I know that everyone in the child welfare system wants to do better. Ongoing Issues. Many of these issues DCFS is dealing with are familiar to attorneys who have been working to improve the Illinois child welfare system NORMAL, Ill. (WEEK) — A DCFS investigation into the death of an 8-year-old Normal girl is continuing after a woman was arrested for her murder. Cynthia Baker, 41, was indicted on three counts of.

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A performance audit of the Department of Children and Family Services released by the state auditor general this month found substandard practices for caring for LGBTQ youth at the agency.. Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino's office conducted the review of how DCFS manages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning or queer youth in its care following the passage of a state Senate. DCFS Employee In AJ Case Allowed Access To Evidence: Judge - Crystal Lake-Cary, IL - Carlos Acosta appeared in court in McHenry County on Thursday The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is the Illinois government department that handles child protective services. It is assigned with the task of investigating allegations of child abuse or neglect in Illinois The DCFS Youth in Care will be automatically enrolled in the YouthCare health plan. YouthCare is a specialized HealthChoice Illinois Health Plan for DCFS Youth in Care. Working with the youth's caseworker, YouthCare is designed to improve access to care through active coordination and a more robust provider network

Completing An Intact CANS. All CANS should be completed with CANS 2.0. A CANS should be completed on each child in the case, and include caregiving scores for every adult in the home providing any level of caregiving or interaction with that child, this could be a temporary caregiver (such as within a safety plan), grandparents, aunt, girl/boyfriend of a parent in the home, etc Illinois DCFS Visitation Ban May Cause Lasting Harm - Chicago, IL - DCFS will now allow in-person supervised visits every other week, with a plan to transition to regular weekly visits in mid-July Guidelines for Calling the Child Abuse Hotline Illinois Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873) The Hotline operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Reporters should be prepared to provide phone numbers where they may be reached throughout the day in case the Hotline must call back for more information DCFS establishes a maintenance account (trust account) for this purpose and if the child's income (SSI plus any other source) exceeds the current maintenance expenses of the youth, the remaining amount and any accumulated interest are held in this account. SSI guidelines allow a recipient to accumulate only up to $2,000 in resources

The Illinois Link card is a plastic card that looks and works like a debit card. If you are eligible for cash and SNAP benefits, you will access both with the same card. Only one Illinois Link Card is issued per account. Children issued P-EBT for the 2020-2021 school year will each have their own account Investigates reports of child abuse and neglect. Provides services to families in immediate danger of having their children removed from their custody such as: substitute care, homemaker, counseling, advocate, crisis intervention, adoption of special needs children, and licensing of child care facilities. Hotline: 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873

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Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino's office conducted the review of how DCFS manages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning or queer youth in its care following the passage of a. Illinois Foster Parent Association; Information on Illinois' waiting children. In foster care, the age range of children can be anywhere from infant to 18 years old. The children in Illinois who are ready to be adopted are generally school-aged children (8 years old and above) and often part of sibling groups

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DCFS is an agency on life support and it needs systemic change, he said at a news conference in Woodstock. Internal efforts to address shortcomings at DCFS haven't worked, he added Prosecutor Wrote Letter To DCFS A Year Before AJ Freund's Death - Crystal Lake-Cary, IL - The McHenry County prosecutor wrote about concerns on how DCFS handled cases in the county, according to. The DCFS consent form must be placed in the patient's file to document that consent to admit the DCFS ward for inpatient psychiatric services was authorized. A faxed copy of the consent form is acceptable. The DCFS Consent Unit may be reached during normal business hours, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at 1-800-828-2179 AJ 's DCFS Investigator Placed On Leave: Reports - Crystal Lake-Cary, IL - DCFS employee Carlos Acosta and his supervisor, Andrew Polivin, were initially put on desk duty following AJ's death in.

Uniform guidelines across businesses, industries and nonprofits within the State of Illinois: GENERAL HEALTH i. Minimum guidelines 1. All employees who can work from home should continue to do so 2. Employees should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when within 6-ft. of others (cloth masks preferred). Exceptions may be made wher Illinois Department of Public Health 535 West Jefferson Street Springfield, Illinois 62761 Phone 217-782-4977 Fax 217-782-3987 TTY 800-547-0466 Questions or Comment Former DCFS Supervisor In Court In AJ Case - Crystal Lake-Cary, IL - Andrew Polovin entered a not guilty plea Thursday to child endangerment charges in connection with his handling of the AJ. That is a 20% boost from the funding DCFS received for the current fiscal year. Increasing staff Pritzker's budget proposal includes an 11% increase in staffing, bringing the department headcount.

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A closer examination of DCFS' budget shows 40 percent of funds are headlined for family reunification, with less than 10 percent dedicated to investigative services. A monitoring unit and. Licensed Day Care Compliance This site contains licensing compliance information on currently-licensed day care homes, group day care homes and day care centers gathered on or after January 1, 2010 Department of Child and Family Services or DCFS guardianship Explains DCFS's role in the guardianship of a child and how they can get involved in guardianship cases. Text articl An audit released Tuesday paints a damning picture of Illinois' child-welfare agency. The audit follows several high-profile deaths of kids the Department of Children and Family Services had been monitoring.. There are a lot of bad statistics: Between 2014 and 2017, the agency's annual abuse and neglect caseload went up by thousands Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Director Marc Smith take questions from reporters during a press conference at the Illinois Capitol in Springfield, Ill., Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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  1. Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is the governmental agency charged with conducting Child Abuse and Neglect investigations and providing all child welfare services to families in the state. Chicago Headquarters 100 West Randolph Street 6-200 Chicago, IL 6060
  2. guidelines for guidance on those workplaces Uniform guidelines across businesses, industries and nonprofits within the State of Illinois: GENERAL HEALTH i. Minimum guidelines 1. All employees who can work from home should continue to do so 2. Employees should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth when within 6-ft. of others (cloth masks.
  3. i. Minimum guidelines 1. All employees and workers who perform work at the worksite (such as temporary or contract workers) should complete health and safety training related to COVID-19 when initially returning to work. Resources to design a training are posted on the DCEO Restore Illinois guidelines website 2
  4. RESTORE ILLINOIS PHASE 4 GUIDELINES - FAQ FOR BUSINESSES . AND MITIGATION MEASURES FAQ . Updated 10/27/20 . BUSINESS GUIDELINES . Which industries are impacted i n Phase 4? Phase 4 makes way for the following industries to reopen based on their or expand operations ability to implement and ensure compliance with the safety guidelines
  5. INVESTIGATIONS IN ILLINOIS A Basic Guide for Illinois Parents and Other Caregivers April 2016 The Family Defense Center 70 E. Lake St., Suite 1100 Chicago, IL 60601 Phone: 312-251-9800, Fax: 312-251-9801 fdc@familydefensecenter.org www.familydefensecenter.or

Abuse/Neglect of Seniors and Adults with Disabilities 1-800-371-7897. Child Abuse/Neglect 1-855-323-DCFS(3237) Crisis Line & Mobile Outreach Team 1-801-587-300 Outside of Illinois' labor and criminal laws, there's no definitive age according to DCFS's standards when a child is old enough to babysit or stay home alone. DCFS only looks to make sure the child is sufficiently mature and healthy enough to handle any unexpected circumstance or emergency that might arise, and it sets guidelines as to. The court can enforce what DCFS thinks is necessary to guarantee the safety of the child. If necessary , DCFS engages the State's Attorney to request a petition to bring the family before a judge. In other cases, DCFS has already determined they need court involvement. They take the child from the parents without any prior agreement DCFS 5121 (SP), Visitor's Guidelines for Supervised Family Time (Spanish) DCFS 6070, Human Services Aide (HSA) Assistance Request. Caregiver's Visitation Notes (for unsupervised visits only) Family Time Planning Tool. Referenced Policy Guides. 0070-532.10, Assessing Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

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It seems like only yesterday that Illinois amended the maintenance statute to put new guidelines in place regarding maintenance, formerly known as alimony. In fact, there were a couple of amendments, one in 2014 and another in 2017, which changed the way the courts calculated the amount and duration which one spouse would have to pay to the. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency Radon program staff informs Illinois citizens about the risks associated with radon and how to reduce radon levels in their homes. The Agency also licenses and regulates the individuals who provide radon measurement and mitigation to the public

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Nearly 100 Illinois children who died within the last two years were involved with the state's Department of Children and Family Services. That's according to a recent Inspector General report.. The department's Inspector General looked into 98 cases in which a child died while DCFS had been keeping an eye on them SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Reforms are coming for the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services in 2020. A new law, passed as HB 1551, sets new guidelines for the Illinois DCFS when a child is returned to the custody of a parent or guardian Individuals 18 and over must be printed and will receive a full check, which consists of a review of information from the Illinois State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, State and National Sex Offender Registry, Illinois DCFS Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System, and the child abuse and neglect registry of any other state of residence

Illinois Parenting Time Schedule Guidelines. Illinois prefers shared parenting time whenever it's in the child's best interests. In shared parenting time, the child spends periods with both parents. However, parents don't necessarily get equal time The State of Illinois has received its statewide Economic Injury Declaration which means small businesses in all 102 Illinois counties may be eligible for low-interest, economic injury disaster loans up to $2 million per business of laboratories currently certified in Illinois to test lead in drinking water. The link is also available on the DCFS Sunshine Page under the News tab in the Lead Testing of Water section. You may also obtain a printed list by calling the Day Care Information Line at 1-877-746-0829 The committee creating the guidelines for the State of Illinois reviewed other state guidelines and several Illinois school policies, using the best practices found within these documents and additional medical documents. Illinois was fortunate to have a number of state guidelines and school policies to review while creating these guidelines The Illinois Early Learning Project Web site is a source of evidence-based, reliable information on early care and education for parents, caregivers, and teachers of young children in Illinois. Funded by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). View IEL staff information. Contact IEL online or call (877) 275-3227

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The official legislative site of the Illinois Senate Democratic Caucu Restore Illinois to Rules 406, 407 & 408. In light of the extreme circumstances related to COVID-19 and the need to ensure that the health and safety of children is protected through social distancing, this policy guide is adopted to allow day care homes, day care centers, and group day care homes to increas Illinois' children are not immune to the reality of human trafficking, and it's up to all of us to recognize the signs and call 911 and the DCFS hotline if you think a child may be in danger. 502 Social Service Dcfs Jobs jobs available in Illinois on Indeed.com. Apply to Protection Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Case Manager and more DCFS Overlooked Family History In AJ Case: Report - Crystal Lake-Cary, IL - The Department of Children and Family Services' inspector general shared her thoughts on the AJ, other DCFS cases with.

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  1. Local Policies Required by January 1, 2011. Per Public Act 96-0349, Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), has releases the Guidelines for Managing Life-Threating Food Allergies in Illinois Schools.Each local school board is required to implement a policy based on these guidelines
  2. g in Child Abuse & Neglect.. In 14 states and the District of Columbia, exposure to illicit.
  3. The Department of Children & Family Services works to meet the needs of Louisiana's most vulnerable citizens. The Child Welfare division works to protect children against abuse and neglect, find permanent homes for Louisiana's foster children and to educate the public on Safe Sleep and Louisiana's Safe Haven Law
  4. Today we are here to discuss the Illinois Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (Public the verbal report must be supplied, using DCFS' CANTS 5 form. Guidelines for Mandated Reporting.pub DCFS CANTS 5 Form and Instructions (10/00). 15 The Illinois Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA), 1975, mandates that seven categories of

Illinois HS / EHS Agencies Are Advocating! Illinois-Head-Start-Profile / NHSA Federal Advocacy Resources / NHSA The Power of Two / $2 Per Child Campaign Head Start Boutique (our ongoing fundraiser) Voter Education / Registration; Parent Ambassador Progra to DCFS. It is not your role to investigate what the child has told you. • DCFS's Role: It is the obligation of DCFS to provide a Child Abuse Hotline to screen reports and to investigate your report to determine whether the child has been abused or neglected and, if so, how to ensure that the child is protecte

The Latest News. While Schools Are Closed, Illinois District Uses Buses As Wi-Fi Hotspots; News Around Illinois - March 19, 2020; The 21st—Wednesday, March 18, 202 DCFS Backs Off Probe of Alleged Hickory St Killer's Kid: Dad - Channahon-Minooka, IL - The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has halted its effort to investigate the young. Foster care, adoption and family services. The proposal includes $44 million from the general revenue fund for increases in foster care, adoption and family services. $25.9 of the investment will. Former Illinois Department of Children and Family Services supervisor Andrew Polovin, 48, of Island Lake made a brief appearance at the McHenry County courthouse in Woodstock, where his case was.

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  1. Owned and Operated by Nora Parkman since 2000. Care provided by an expert in the field of Early Childhood Education who will guide your child on the path to happiness, friendships and a love of learning. Licensed by Illinois DCFS and operating in accordance with all current guidelines
  2. The American Civil Liberties Union is taking Illinois' child welfare system to court for not effectively monitoring children in its care. The ACLU is asking a federal judge to intervene - saying the Department of Children and Family Services is not caring for kids who need mental health services or placing them in proper environments. The ACLU filed the motion on the same day Rauner named.
  3. Polovin, 48, was arrested in September on reckless conduct and child endangerment charges in connection with a 2018 DCFS investigation involving AJ's family
  4. The state agency that regulates day-care centers wants each facility in Illinois to have rules about what immunizations its staff must have, a spokesman said. The proposal comes as health.
  5. Illinois' child welfare agency says a spike in the number of children reported to have died of neglect might be the result of a change in reporting guidelines. The Department of Children and Family Services says 104 children died of abuse or neglect in the 2013 fiscal year
  6. Child abuse and/or neglect is the maltreatment of a child under the age of 18 by a parent, guardian, foster parent, relative caregiver, paramour, any individual residing in the same home, any person responsible for the child's welfare at the time of the alleged abuse, or any person who came to know the child through an official capacity or position of trust
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