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There many ways to successfully setup a dwarf seahorse aquarium. We recommend having plenty of biological filtration. Our favorite media we use in-house is MarinePure media. This provides a great surface area for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to populate Strive to maintain stable water conditions within the following water quality parameters when you set up your dwarf seahorse tank: Temperature = range 68°F to 80°F (20°C-27°C), optimum 75°F (24°C). Specific Gravity = range 1.018 - 1.024, optimum 1.019-1.022 pH = 8.0 - 8.4, optimum ~8. There will be 2 dwarf seahorse tank set up videos. This is the video that I would want to watch before setting up my dwarf tank. It describes the dwarf seaho.. Most dwarf seahorse keepers agree that sponge filters are the best way to filter and aerate a DSH tank. Frequent water changes are a must to keep the seahorses healthy. 3. LEDs are fine for dwarf seahorses

Dwarf seahorses are tropical, the temperature required is between 22°C - 24°C (71°F - 75°F). A heater is usually installed in the aquarium but I would stress it must be fitted with a suitable heater guard which slips over the glass tube to prevent the risk of burning the seahorse Dwarf Seahorse Tank Setup. Thread starter rykna; Start date Oct 30, 2008; rykna Active Member. Oct 30, 2008 #1 This is my #1 favorite set up for a pony tank: A 15g Sterile Tank Basic Set up Equipment: 15 gallon high tank 1 Compact Fluorescent Fixture 20inch/28watt Submersible heater (precise setting The best way to acclimate is to: Float the bag in your tank for about 10 minutes to equalize temperatures. Then partially open the bag, clip it to the side of the tank and add 1 cup of tank water. (Do NOT aerate the shipping bag during acclimation Unlike most fish, Seahorses are active vertical swimmers and require an aquarium at least 20 inches tall. Depending on the size and species, approximately 1 Seahorse can be kept per 5 gallons of water. You may need to purchase an aquarium labeled High or Extra High. For Example 20H or 20XH For our large seahorse species (not Dwarf seahorses, Besides a limited stocked small nano tank, we would not setup a seahorse or saltwater aquarium without a skimmer. Seahorses are messy fish and for them we recommend ideally going with a skimmer that is twice rated for your aquarium. For example, if you have a 30 gallon aquarium we.

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  1. The Dwarf Seahorse (Hippocampus zosterae) is one of the smallest seahorses with an adult height of 1.5 to 2 inches. Dwarves need daily feedings of live brine shrimp. Dwarves readily breed in your tank and the fry can be left in the parent tank to grow up Housing Dwarfs do best in smaller tanks
  2. Seahorses are NOT as difficult as many people think. A lot of the online information about keeping them is outdated, so I do hope this will help anyone thin..
  3. Time line:Section 1 - Tank examples - 1:25Section 2 - Guidelines - 5:09 - tank specs - 5:13 - substrate - 6:34 - filtration & equi..

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  1. The decor in the dwarf seahorse home is entirely a matter of personal taste, but you'll definitely want to be careful in selection if you are going for a natural tank setup. Take care to use only hydroid free live rock. In fact, the author prefers to not use any live rock in a dwarf tank at all
  2. Hi lovely people!! I had my dwarf seahorses a for a while now and have figured out what works. I have gone through a lot of trial and error. Before owni..
  3. Ammonia will kill the dwarf seahorses faster than anything. Ammonia will raise rapidly in the small tank so frequent water changes are a MUST. Dwarf seahorses will breed in the aquarium. The mating ritual is fascinating to observe and they usually mate often
  4. Active levels: mostly mid to upper regions of the tank; Tank setup: a sand substrate with live plants (saltwater planted tank) or grass-like plastic plants; Temperature: 72-78 °F (optimal 72-74 °F) Water parameters: sg. 1.020-1.025, pH 8.1-8.4, dKH 8-12; Lifespan: app. 2 years in captivity; About Dwarf Seahorses; Tank setup, layout, and stockin
  5. Dwarf Seahorses, Hippocampus Zosterae, are about 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches. I recommend using a sponge filter (the low current saltwater is needed to avoid stressing them out). The general rule of thumb is 4 dwarf seahorses per 1 gallon of water

10 gallon tank is a bit on the big side for a dwarf seahorse tank. What kind of set up are you doing? Reply Like Reply. Jun 3, 2020; Thread Starter #4 OP . Damian reef boi Well-Known Member View Badges. Joined Jan 24, 2020 Messages 568 Reaction score 275 GIVEAWAY: http://www.topshelfaquatics.com/tank-giveaway/I GOT NEW CORALS FOR MY SEAHORSE TANK!! Merch: http://www.coralfish12g.com 12G Social Media: ‣ ht.. The outtake comes with a little fence that could keep them from flowing out the week current by accident.Im still trying to think out the decor (algae) that would be best for the such a set up, so any ideas or tips from dwarf seahorse keepers would be appreciated Ive been out of hobby for quite some time due to the reason I haven't had the space for the size reef tank I want, so I've decided to start a dwarf seahorse tank until I have the space for a 120 gallon reef tank! I've done a LOT of research but just seeing if anyone has any tips about my setup..


Dwarf seahorse tank setup? Before anyone yells at me, yes I know these are expert care level animals that are sensitive. I am fully prepared to decapsulate and hatch brine shrimp everyday for them. And I'm willing to put in the work to take care of tank maintenance. I just have a few questions left while my tank finishes cycling 30 Gal Seahorse Tank Starter Kit - Equips a 30 Gallon Aquarium for 2 Seahorses; 50 Gal Seahorse Tank Starter Kit - Equips a 50 Gallon Aquarium for 4 Seahorses; Each kit includes the following products: MarineLand Penguin ® BIO-Wheel ® Power Filter - provides mechanical, chemical and biological aquarium filtration. Model 200 is provided in the. Obviously there is always some risk adding stuff that can't be treated with fenbendazole to a dwarf seahorse tank but I decided to take the chance. The macros obviously can't be treated with h2o2 so I plan on treating it all with fenbendazole in a 5 gallon bucket for a couple days then rinsing it well before putting it in the tank

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When setting up a seahorse aquarium you want to make sure you have plenty of hitching posts for your seahorses to hold onto with their prehensile tail. These can include branching artificial corals for saltwater aquariums, anchored plastic chains, live Gorgonian corals, live soft corals such as leather corals, macro algae and more If you’re considering any of the other species 29 Gallons is usually the minimal tank size most will recommend. 37-55 Gallons is highly recommended as a good tank for most seahorses. Unlike most fish seahorses need HEIGHT more than length or depth. The tank height should be at least three (3) times the height of the seahorse

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My Aquarium Journals All Activity Search More . Library. Featured Nano Reef Aquariums Nano Reef Articles & Guides Glossary Of Terms More . Forums. General Discussion PJ reefs Dwarf Seahorse Setup Instructions and Feeding Mechanism PJ reefs Dwarf Seahorse Setup Instructions and Feeding Mechanism. By pj86, October 24, 2017 in. A seahorse tank is going to be set up slightly differently than a FOWLR (fish only with live rock) or a reef environment; however, the differences are minor. An oft-repeated recommendation is that seahorses need to be housed in species-only tanks. While it is true that keeping horses with other tankmates requires a good deal of advanced. My neighbor just took down his 55 gal freshwater tank and I can have the tank if I want it, I was thinking of putting the stuff food my planted FOWLR tank in there but maybe I can turn it into a big hippocampus tank. I could get this set up in a few weeks but I guess I need to make sure I get the right stuff for the tank Our captive bred seahorses help you avoid the uncertainty of disease associated with wild caught specimens. All of our seahorses are trained to eat frozen Mysis shrimp from a young age. This makes caring for our seahorses much simpler for the keeper. Seahorse Savvy seahorses are hardy, robust, healthy, colorful, active and friendly

Hello! I am horrible at updating threads, but wanted to start one for my dwarf seahorse tank. The tank itself is just a simple National Geographic Half Moon Betta Tank. It is 1.2 gallons and came with a built in filter that doesnt have too much flow, as well as a sponge to cover the filter intake.. Water changes replenish minerals and other nutrients in the tank and removes waste byproducts. If you're worried about sucking up your seahorse in a siphon, scoop the water out instead, or put a coarse sponge or piece of netting over the tip of the siphon. And make sure you know where he is while you're doing it. Mar 12, 201 I'm going to set up my 10g tank...get the cycle started. I will either go with some pipefish or something else, and leave the idea of keeping dwarf horses. I have to rely on my mother or someone else to help feed my critters if I get sick or my back goes down (quite often) so a critter with such demands as breeding food to live, might not be. In a properly setup seahorse aquarium one should have plenty of filtration for live corals. Photographs above are different Zoanthid soft coral varieties. Corals that can be used as hitching posts for your seahorses to hold ont

Thanks guys. She is still alive and fat and healthy. I am very excited to have seahorses and im raising my sisters baby erectus seahorses and i have mine picked out and wen they get bigger ill set up a tank so i can have my own of them. :rotfl: Weve had a power outage for the last three days and people are saying it wont b bck on till next week Seriously, if your budget is very limited, I would suggest dwarf seahorses which are kept in small aquariums requiring less expensive equipment. Your tank should be a minimum of 2.5 times the adult height of the species of seahorse you will be keeping Tank size: Purchase an aquarium that is at least 18 inches high. One dwarf horse needs about 30 gallons of water. Installed an aquarium in the shade. Sea horses don't like bright light Woody's Seahorse Aquarium & Supply | 106 NE Russet St. Portland, Oregon 97211 | 503-283-4788 | Portland's longest running saltwater fish store | Aquarium supplies | Saltwater fish supplie PJ reefs 2.0 is the aquarium that gives the adventurous aquarium hobbyist the ability to own a dwarf seahorse because it introduces new gadgets for their care. PJ reefs 2.0 simplifies the maintenance of Dwarf Seahorses. PJ reefs 2.0 system allows the hobbyist to easily feed these tiny majestic seahorses, simplifying their care

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Just setup my 3 gallon picotope. My plans for this tank is to start off with corals that are safe for dwarf seahorses.Im going to create shielded areas were the seahorses can relax with the addition of hitching posts they can grab onto.The equipment Im using are Aquaclear 70 turned to Refugium, I.. During the past 4 years, we've been searching for organisms that would complement such a miniature and low maintenance aquarium. We came upon the majestic and mini or dwarf seahorse, Hippocampus zosterae. We discovered that dwarf seahorses are resilient creatures with a large amount of young. The difficult thing was that they required live food The Dwarf Seahorse requires a small, species-only aquarium and does best in groups of 4 or more. When maintaining only one or two Dwarf Seahorses, a 5-gallon aquarium is suitable; when maintaining more than 10 Dwarf Seahorses, use a 10 gallon aquarium. The smaller aquarium size helps concentrate the food. The aquarium should have a sponge filter The Dwarf Seahorse does best in groups of 4 or more and the recommend ratio is to keep small herds of up to 6 specimens in a 20 litre (5 gallon) tank. Advanced aquarists may find success in larger tanks but generally speaking this species prefers to hitch and feed on passing live food rather than actively go hunting for it, so you will find a. Apr 19, 2019 - Explore Lancey M's board Macro Algae Seahorse Aquarium on Pinterest. See more ideas about seahorse aquarium, aquarium, algae

The result is PJ Reefs' 2.0 Mini Seahorse Aquarium. Designed explicitly for the unique husbandry needs of the Dwarf Seahorse, Hippocampus zosterae , this system is a very modern twist on the somewhat irresponsible seahorse bowls of the last century (you may recall the days of ads offering Dwarf Seahorses shipped to your door, as seen in. Quick care stats of Dwarf Seahorse - tank setup, tankmate, feeding. Family: Syngnathidae Scientific name: Hippocampus zosterae Common name: Dwarf Seahorse Origin: Western Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico Max length: 2 inches max (usually smaller) Minimum tank size: 5 gallons Stocking: 4 [ Dwarf seahorses are hardier, so they make a good start for the beginner. Read up on cycling your tank before adding seahorses to it. This should be done before you buy your pets. Set up a hatchery for raising live shrimp that you can feed to your sea horses. Also freeze dried Mysis shrimp can also be fed to your seahorses They also enjoy playing in the flow. I watched my 2 day old dwarf seahorse fry play in the flow like kids at a water park in the wave pool. In the wild almost all seahorse species live near the coasts where some of the highest currents are. The number one thing for seahorse tanks is that it is a species only tank. Seahorses are very slow feeders

When you buy Dwarf Seahorse for sale online often you won't find the necessary live seahorse food and habitat organisms like macro algae and sea grass that dwarf seahorses need for their home in their saltwater aquarium. Dwarf seahorses will eat the juvenile stages of amphipods and leave the adults alone to breed and reproduce so you get a. Hard to maintain, the Dwarf Seahorse needs a small, species-only tank and does better in groups of 4 or more. If keeping only one or two, a 5 or 10 gallon tank is adequate; if keeping more than 10 Dwarf Seahorses, use a 20 gallon tank. A small tank will make it easier for them to find the food. Equip the tank with a sponge filter

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Dwarf seahorses grow to a maximum of 2 inches and may vary in coloration from black or white to tan and yellow. This species is fairly difficult to keep and it does best in a species-only tank with 4 or more of its own kind. Black seahorses are somewhat larger, growing up to 6 inches long, and they are moderately difficult to care for Setup; FAQ; About Us; Blog ; Pico Jar Reef Blog; Home / Products. Magnetized Artemia Cysts. Magnetized Artemia Cysts $10.99. Quick View PJ reefs 2.0 Dwarf Seahorse Aquarium Sold Out. Quick View PJ reefs 2.0 Dwarf Seahorse Aquarium Sold Out. PJ reefs DELUXE KIT. PJ reefs DELUXE KIT Sold Out. This isn't to say that it's a good idea to keep a pair of dwarf seahorses in a 10 gallon tank, but its about finding the right balance. Dwarf seahorses don't take up much room . On the contrary, dwarf seahorses can actually take up large amounts of space when you take into account all of their requirements Jun 29, 2019 - Seahorses are one of the most interesting animals you can keep in a home aquarium. The way they look and swim is fascinating and, whether you have an appreciation for aquatic animals or not, most people will agree they are just plain mysterious and unearthly creatures. Seahorses embody a mystical symbolism within a nu Have a question? Send us an email at alyssa@seahorsesavvy.com or give us a call at 410-618-3604. Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST. We are happy to help! Specials update every Friday. Check back often for the latest deals and offerings. While supplies last

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KP Aquatics offers Seahorses, Dwarf Seahorses and Pipefish from the Caribbean. These are interesting and beautiful fish that add diversity to any aquarium through their unique and peaceful presence. Seahorses have become a popular symbol of marine life, but pipefish are also cute and enjoyable to watch Hi! I really want to get a seahorse. I've been researching for days and heres what I found (just wanted to OK it with you guys (&ask a lot of questions lol) Alreat, so I'm planning on getting a pygmy seahorse aka dwarf seahorse aka hippocampus zosterae. I have a question already: Does anyone know where to get it? I would like to have it captive breed. For the tank set up I have another. This little DIY 12 gallon tall aquarium was originally inspired as a special design for housing seahorses, but it can be used as a small community fish or reef tank as well. Just follow these easy step-by-step instructions to build one just like ours

hi, i have many species tank including sea horses pipe fish and cuttlefish. for the the dwarf seahorses try to stay away from the 2 1 or 3 gallons, unless you want to topoff with fresh water every day. get a five gallon at petco, and buy a sponge filter and HOB filter. cover the intake of the HOB filter with pantyhose or custom cut foam Hello! I am entirely new to aquariums and looking to get into the hobby. I'd like to have two small 5 gallon setups, one saltwater and one freshwater. I'd like to have dwarf seahorses in the saltwater one, but I've seen some conflicting information online about what these guys need

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Difficult to maintain, the Dwarf Seahorse requires a small, species-only tank and does best in groups of 4 or more. If keeping only one or two, a 2- or 5-gallon tank is suitable; if keeping more than 10 Dwarf Seahorses, use a 10 gallon tank. The smaller tank size helps concentrate the food. The tank should have a sponge filter Alright, so the title says it all. I want to give dwarf/pygmy seahorses a try, I've read that a pair of them can be kept in as little as 2gallons although a minimum of 5 is reccommended. I have a 5gallon saltwater tank currently and am planning on either 3 snails (regardless) and a fish or pair.. Description. Dwarf Seahorse, Hippocampus zosterae, are a common shallow water species of Seahorses found throughout coastal Florida and the Caribbean. They prefer sheltered bay waters or estuaries and are rarely found in open exposed areas. In an aquarium, they do quite well but require live food, so they are probably a more difficult critter to keep than most fish or invertebrates

There are dwarf seahorses that you can have 5 in a 5 gallon tank but the ones I have are the most common called hippocampus erectus or the lined sea horse. I got my seahorses from a website called ORA. Just look at all videos about seahorse and feeding and owning them and tank set ups. You obviously want pointy stuff they can latch heir tales. Place the tank in a shady and cool area. Seahorses prefer spaces that are not as light or warm as other fish. Place the seahorse tank in a location that is not exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight and can maintain a tank temperature of 74 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 25 Celsius). This can ensure the health and happiness of your seahorse

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PJ reefs 2.0 Dwarf Seahorse Aquarium Now LIVE on Kickstarter. PJ reefs. Underwater Creatures Underwater Life Ocean Creatures Saltwater Tank Saltwater Aquarium Aquarium Fish Beautiful Sea Creatures Water Animals Beautiful Fish. How to Set Up a Seahorse Aquarium - Marine Depot Blog Seahorse NEWB tank setup? SallyKnight; Aug 14, 2010; 15 11K Jan 18, 2016. by rayjay. J. where to buy seahorses. jdev167; Feb 11, 2012; Fish & Chips; Jan 5, 2016; 1 947 Jan 6, 2016. by rayjay. F. How do I care for baby dwarf seahorses? Fish & Chips; Dec 26, 2015; 1 1K Dec 26, 2015. by rayjay. K. My Seahorse doesn't seem to be eating properly. If you prepare adequately and take the time to set up an appropriate sized, fully cycled, and stable tank environment for your seahorses, you will greatly improve your chances of success. NOTE: Although temperature ranges may be similar, it is not wise to keep tropical seahorses in a captive reef environment 2 Gallon Tank Dwarf Seahorse Tank. LandiaVixen Mar 11, 2019. Replies 6 Views 979. Mar 12, 2019 Jesterrace Locked; Dwarf Seahorse Tank Setup. Lollipop0912 Jun 9, 2018. Replies 29 Views 2K. Jul 24, 2018 Lollipop0912 Locked; Is Dwarf Seahorse Pregnant. Lollipop0912 Jul 8, 2018. Replies 3 Views 595

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Dwarf Sea Horse - Scientific name Hippocampus Zosterae It may be best if these little guys are in a tank just for them so they do not have to compete for food. I recommend feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp with the Artemia species being the best quality. I would also suggest a tank with a low current and no coral To start with I use a 10 litre, bare bottomed tank with nothing but a piece of plastic plant (for benthic fry) and a For pelagic fry I also set up a line of rigid air tube in the opposite corner. I initially fill the tank with water from the parents' tank if I'm caught out unexpectedly ok before we start you can see by my sig that one of my fish will enjoy the seahorse more than me. i was just wondering how to care for them. i WILL NOT put them in with my dwarf lionfish because that would be suicide for the seahorse. my lfs has tank raised seahorses for 40 dollars and i was just wondering if it would be worth it to try them when i no longer have the dwarf. my tank has been.

Seahorses are relatively hardy and adjust well to life in captivity if maintained in water conditions with low current and plenty of branching gorgonias, algae, or coral decorations. Because Seahorses have difficulty competing for live food when other fish are present, these fish are best kept in a tank containing only Seahorses and Pipefish The easiest seahorse to care for are dwarf seahorses, because they are the only ones that can live on a brine shrimp only diet. They also only need a 5 gal tank, when i did the math on how much it would cost it was about $300 to set up and buy everything Dwarf Seahorse Tank Setup. Because of their body shape and lack of extensive fins, seahorses are rather inept swimmers and can easily die of exhaustion when caught in high current tanks. They propel themselves by using a small fin on their back that flutters up to 35 times per second. Even smaller pectoral fins located near the back of the head.

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  1. g but may very well be the most rewarding of all, the Marine Coral Reef
  2. Marine Aquarium Tank Packages. Seahorse Aquariums have here on offer Aquariums for sale with all the accessories you need to get you all started. If you're looking for your first aquariums or your looking to upgrade to a new one - These tank packages will set you up with all the bits that you need to get up and running
  3. Lately I've been toying with the idea of a seahorse. However, I've just scanned a website and it's obvious to me they look like a challenging fish to care for. I guess I'm just looking for people's opinions, things to know, etc etc. I will continue researching them, but I'm just curious as to what you think of them. If you want to include things about care, tank set-up and maintainace, feeding.
  4. Aquarium Setup. A Tropical Atlantic Biotope is set up the same way as any other reef aquarium. The basic principles of water flow, filtration, lighting, and aquascaping all apply.Common base rock is often used in reef tanks, and Eco-friendly cultured rock is also available from Atlantic suppliers.Fields of terrestrial rock have been places in the ocean and have been allowed to grow and inhabit.
  5. I just helped my mother in law setup a dwarf seahorse tank not too long ago. One thing that I could tell you is that do ur research as some common corals are not compatible with dwarf seahorses. Mushrooms from what I know are not okay for dwarf seahorses as dwarf seahorses have very sensitive skin and are very suseptible to stinging of corals
  6. Seahorses should be introduced into a mature, cycled aquarium. Various filtration methods and tank set-ups can result in a healthy, stable aquarium. A seahorse tank must have gentle to moderate currents, with 3-5 times tank volume turned over per hour. A seahorse tank needs to be void of intense currents and require

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  1. Weekend feeding (and keeping) of dwarf seahorses 4/14/06 Hi! I've been searching online for an answer to this question, but the one response that I found doesn't seem right to me. I want to set up a dwarf seahorse tank at work (I spend more time there than at home, so I'd be able to enjoy the ponies more at my desk
  2. A number of dwarf seahorse keepers also add live mysis on a regular bases. Culturing copepods to supplement their feedings also helps give dwarf seahorses a variety of foods to eat along with making sure they have a complete diet. A word of caution though. Tigriopus spp. copepod cultures are frequently available due to their prolonged shelf life
  3. Hello, I would concider myself a successful salt water aquarium keeper. i am thinking of setting up a tank at my cousins house. and today in reading about seahorses i thought what about a seahorse only tank maybe some zoo's too or something. anyways, i was reading about dwarf seahorses and was wondering if anyone could give me some information
  4. Seahorse Care and Setup Caring for seahorses Beginners Guide to Seahorses Healthy Seahorses Seahorse Tank Mates Dwarf Seahorse Care and Setup Dwarf Seahorse care Caring for Dwarf Seahorses Reef2Reef 6 Series articles by VLANGEL Keeping Seahorses in Aquaria #1 - Introduction and Setting..
  5. Tank Setup Date: 3 weeks ago today Salinity (Spacific Gravity): 1.022 - 1.023 (right in between the two numbers) ph: 8.1 dKH: 7 Ammonia: .25 NitrItes: .25 NitrAtes: 5.0 Tempature: 75F Copper: 0 Phosphate: 0 Calcium: 360 I am asking if this is normal because when I cycled my freshwater tanks Ammonia was 0 when NitrIte started and then NitrIte.
  6. The smooth seahorse (Hippocampus kuda) and the lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) are the most common species of seahorses that are seen in aquariums. The dwarf seahorse (Hippocampus zostera) which, in the wild, is found in the western Atlantic Ocean, from Bermuda to the Bahamas, southern Florida and the entire Gulf of Mexico
  7. Seahorses are an extraordinary marine fish. Everyone that see's one for the first time are amazed at their uniqueness and beauty. A unique live magnetized feeding mechanism for seahorses. Building the first breeding seahorse facility specific to H. zosterae. Shipping year round primarily tank raised seahorses

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Tank Raised Seahorse. The Lined Seahorse, Hippocampus erectus, is considered by many hobbyists to be the most attractive of all the seahorses.These are young and the size is about 2-3 inches. The coloration of these tank raised seahorses range from shades of black, to gray to brown The better the environment you set up for the seahorse will allow the seahorse to feel at home and not get stressed which can lead to illness and premature death. Seahorses prefer to have at least one other fellow seahorse in the tank for company. They like to swim in pairs with their tails linked to each other Keep you dwarf seahorse happy with Amphipods and healthy to encourage breeding behavior that only occurs when the dwarf seahorse has enough nutrients in the diet. When you buy seahorses for sale on line or at your local aquarium store you will need the necessary live food and other habitat organisms like macro algae and saltwater grass to set. Seahorses for Beginners. This latest and updated edition (2020) contains lots of new content. There is a comprehensive list of seahorse friendly corals, cultivating your own phytoplankton, cultivating live foods, information on the use of Natural Seawater, quarantine procedures and an expanded chapter on health issues and medication - Plus lots of other general updates and new photographs

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  5. Dwarf seahorse tank setup? Yahoo Answer
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