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  1. How to Reset Root Password in Oracle Linux 7 (Doc ID 1954652.1) Last updated on FEBRUARY 22, 2021. Applies to: Linux OS - Version Oracle Linux 7.0 and later Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Version N/A and later Linux x86-64 Goal. This article explains how root password can be reset on Oracle Linux 7. Solutio
  2. To log in as root on an Oracle Linux instance: sudo su - To log in as root on an Oracle Solaris x86 instance: su - (Default password is solaris_opc.) it is prompting for the password What is the default password for opc user ?? August 23, 2019 at 1:41 PM cloudshinepro.com said.
  3. This video explains how to reset the root password in Oracle Linux. This will come in handy if you forget the root password for some reason, or an employee l..
  4. Follow these three simple steps to change the root password in Oracle Linux: 1. Boot the computer with Linux Installation DVD. 2. Enter into Linux Rescue mode by enering the following command on the first boot screen: linux rescue. 3. When the sh prompt is reached, enter the following commands to change root password. #chroot /mnt/sysimage #.
  5. Become the root user (su -) and then issue the command passwd oracle - you will be prompted for a new password. - Vérace Sep 20 '14 at 11:30 This should be the right answer - Noah Martin Apr 3 '17 at 10:2
  6. I forgot to feed sys, system and hr password while Oracle DB installation and hit OK but now for SQ*Plus it needs those credentials for in command prompt.How to get default user name and pass..

By default, an Oracle Linux system is configured so that you cannot log in directly as the root user. You must log in as a named user before using either su or sudo to perform tasks as root. This configuration allows system accounting to trace the original name of any user who performs a privileged administrative action The default password for the HR, sys and system accounts is oracle. The Unix password for the oracle user is also oracle There is no Ubuntu Linux root password set by default and you don't need one. Long answer from the official wiki page: By default, the root account password is locked in Ubuntu. This means that you cannot as root directly or use the su command to become the root user By default docker containers run as the root user. If you are still using the container you can use exit command to get back to root (default user) user instead of running the container again. Example - [dev@6c4c86bccf93 ~]$ ls [dev@6c4c86bccf93 ~]$ other-commands.. [dev@6c4c86bccf93 ~]$ exit [root@6c4c86bccf93 /]# l

By default, all Linux operating systems requires password length of minimum 6 characters for the users. I strongly advice you not to go below this limit. Also, don't use your real name, parents/spouse/kids name, or your date of birth as a password. Even a novice hacker can easily break such kind of passwords in minutes Change the Oracle ILOM Root Password (Oracle ILOM CLI) The server ships with a root account that you use to initially log in to Oracle ILOM. This account has administrative privileges (read and write) for all Oracle ILOM features, functions, and commands. The default password is changeme.To prevent unauthorized access, change the password How To Reset Root Password on ODA when password is unknown (Doc ID 1568384.1) Last updated on FEBRUARY 12, 2021. Applies to: Oracle Database Appliance - Version All Versions and later Linux x86-64 Goal. This document provides the steps of how to reset the root password on Oracle Data Appliance when the password is unknown There is no root password inside a container. It's never set during the build process. nackie99 commented on Dec 22, 2016 You can change the sample Dockerfile's to set one or if you just want to look around, then you can use one of the many examples found with a little Googling

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  1. If you can't SSH to Oracle Linux Instance and you forget the root password to access instance via Serial Console, this article provides a method to reset the root password in Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7 instances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  2. Resetting root password in CentOS/RHEL 7 is slightly different than the older versions. The post describes the procedure to reset the lost root password. Reboot and edit grub2. Reboot the system and press any key to stop the auto-boot from the default kernel. Press e after selecting the kernel line
  3. Lost Root Password. Now What? Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting January 6, 2004 Don Burleson. Special Thanks To Adam Haeder for this tip. There are a number of different ways to do root password recovery on a Linux system. Different distributions make it easier than others. RedHat makes it very easy. will boot to the default runlevel
  4. When prompted to log in, you might log in as user oracle, which is available by default, using password oracle. Also, you might log in as root using the same password: oracle. After a successful , you should see the desktop of the Oracle Linux 6 operating system running as a virtual machine in your Oracle VM VirtualBox, as shown in Figure 2
  5. Hello Everyone, In this tutorial, Let Us Reset Root Password & Forgetter To Fix Broken Sudo..... Errors that you are getting..... Error 1:- you may n..

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Once you have completed your alterations to the default configuration, click the Begin Installation button. Click the Root Password link. Enter the root password and click the Done button. Click the User Creation link. Enter the user details and select the Make this user administrator option, then click the Done button Oracle Exadata default passwords When your Exadata is deployed it is by default equipped with a number of standard usernames and passwords. By default all root SSH keys and user accounts will be disabled, however, a number of accounts will be open and will have the standard passwords Unix & Linux Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for users of Linux, FreeBSD and other Un*x-like operating systems. It only takes a minute to sign up. Sign up to join this communit Default Username and Password. The default username and password for Kali Linux is kali.The root password is also kali.. This isn't applicable for a persistent installation of Kali, since you are asked during installation to specify a username and password.Rather, the default username and passwords only apply to the live CD image, and the VirtualBox or VMware installation of Kali Step 13: Set root Password and User. On the Installation summary screen while the installer is installing the Oracle Linux server, let's set the root password and standard user for Oracle Linux. To set the root password click on the Root password option. In this same way for the user, select the User creation

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  1. Connect to MySQL with New Root Password Reset MySQL Root Password Using -skip-grant-tables. The second option we have is to start the MySQL service with the --skip-grant-tables option. This is less secure as while the service is started that way, all users can connect without password
  2. This is necessary if you need to enter single user mode on the fly to change the root password. The default parameter indicates which kernel to boot. In the above example, there are two kernel versions present. The setting default=0 indicates the first (top) one will be used unless altered interactively during the boot process
  3. Downloaded the latest version of Kali Linux 2.0 from the website , created VM in VirtualBox while running for the first time it asked for username & Password . Entered-- Username- root pass - toor But not working on my side . Just a newbie using linux for first time. Any help pl
  4. Instead you should connect as yourself, change your password, then reconnect as a proxy user with your new password. As an example, let's imagine there is a schema owner called SCHEMA_OWNER and my user called MY_USER in a database called ORCL
  5. Step By Step Instructions to reset root password in OEL 5.5 This document describes the steps to reset root password in Linux OEL 5.5 ,if we forget the root password. Step 1 : Restart Linux Machine Following screen will appear with a prompt that looks similar to the following: If we use the default boot loader, GRUB, we can enter single user mode
  6. Type su at the command prompt, and press ↵ Enter. A Password: line will open below the command prompt. 3 Type the current root password, then press ↵ Enter
  7. In Linux, root privileges (or root access) refers to a user account that has full access to all files, applications, and system functions. Most basic Linux user accounts run with limited privileges. This keeps users from making mistakes or accidentally exposing the system to vulnerabilities

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Installation process will start. Parallel you can provide the root password by clicking on 'ROOT PASSWORD' Enter root password and Click on Done. Installation Processes are completed. Click Reboot. Click on License Information. Accept the License Agreement and Click on Done. Click on Finish Configuration. Keep the default settings and Click. Table of Contents 1. Download Software - Oracle VM VirtualBox Download page - Oracle Linux Download page 2. VirtualBox Network Setup 3. Virtual Machine Setup 4. Oracle Linux 7.2 (OEL7) Installation 5. Guest Additions 6. VirtualBox Network Testing - Network Address Translation (NAT) - Bridged Adapter - Host-only Adapter 7. Creating Shared Folder for you First, we will start from Arch Linux. 1. Reset root user password in Arch Linux. This method was tested in Arch Linux, however It may work on other Arch based Linux distros such as Antergos, Manjaro Linux etc.. At the GRUB boot menu, select the Arch Linux entry by using the arrow keys. Press e to edit the boot menu entry Oracle Solaris Command Reference for Linux Users December 2016 Edition 1.0 Fujitsu Limited - Revision History Can't connect to default. Skipping. Broadcast Message from root (console) on t5220-01 Monday Give root password for maintenance (or type Control-D to continue): # Linux Solari

I downloaded the Kali Linux VWware 64 bit file, got it running on Oracle's virtualbox ( kali-linux-2020-1-vbox-amd64-ova ). I got the default password from the website I downloaded the file from (it's root/ toor), but in the virtual machine it's prompting me for a username as well, and I don't know what it is or where to find it I have the Oracle Linux 5 ova (converted to VirtualBox). The documentation I have seen mentions using either root/oracle or oracle/oracle to . However that is not working. Any references/documentation for this particular version of VM would be appreciated. Following is documentation i have for oracle linux The way on how you can reset a forgotten root password on a Linux system have not changed for many years. Resetting a root password on RHEL7 Linux system have not change much except that now we deal with SElinux and the system is now using systemd instead of init.Nevertheless, those who have already did reset root password on the Linux system will be with the following steps familiar

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Oracle® Linux 8 Setting Up System Users and Authentication

In addition to repeating the password-less authentication (user equivalence) steps from node 2 for the oracle and root users, the node 1 root_setup.sh script uses sshpass and ssh-copy-id to complete the password-less authentication Just note that the default user ID and password in live mode is kali. You can find the new non-root model implemented in the new daily/weekly builds if you want to test it early. In either case, you can wait for the 2020.1 release scheduled for late January to take a look at the new default non-root user model In this guide, we are going to look at how to install Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP stack) on Oracle Linux 8. Step 1: Install Apache Web server. Httpd is already available in the official repository of Oracle Linux 8. By default, Rhel 8 uses php-fpm instead of mod_php. Now secure mysql and set root password by running the below command What is the Kali Linux username and password after installation? This is the question we received from our readers? Note: Kali changed to a non-root user policy by default since the release of 2020.1. This means: During the installation of amd64 and i386 images, it will prompt you for a standard user account to be created

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So awhile ago I installed Oracle Enterprise Linux in VMWare workstation and tonight I have forgotten the root password. So here is how to fix the root password: Press F2 when the splash screen comes up; A GRUB screen will display; enter the letter 'e' (without single quotes) Using the arrow keys, move the cursor to the line for kerne If no version number is specified in the docker pull command, then the latest available version is pulled from the Docker Hub repository (for example, at the time of this publication, the latest Oracle Linux version is actually Oracle Linux 7.1).. Oracle also publishes Docker container images for its verified version of MySQL on the public Docker Hub Registry (note that docker pull mysql will.

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How to change root password on CentOS Linux. The procedure for changing the password of root is as follows: First, log in to the CentOS Linux server using ssh or console; Open a shell prompt and type the passwd command to change root password in CentOS Linux; The actual command to change the password for root on CentOS Linux is sudo passwd root This article will explain the steps to reset a lost root password or to reset forgotten root password on Linux RHEL 7 or CentOS 7. Basically, the steps will adding a rd.break to the end of the line with kernel parameters in Grub to stops the start up process before the regular root filesystem is mounted, hence the necessity to chroot into sysroot Re: CentOS 7 default root password Post by scottro » Mon May 23, 2016 11:37 am If it's like some other live CDs, (but this is untested) you will be logged in as some user or another ,and just use sudo to run any command If the root account exists with an initial random password that has been expired, connect to the server as root using that password, then choose a new password. This is the case if the data directory was initialized using mysqld --initialize, either manually or using an installer that does not give you the option of specifying a password during the install operation

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Oracle Linux operating systems version 7.2 or newer using Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) must require authentication upon booting into single-user and maintenance modes Alan, root password is locked and there's no other non-locked accounts with the qcow2 image, so you have to change root password, either by using guestfish as described in links above, or by usual password reset/recovery procedure (using rd.break since you don't have installation dvd/iso/media) from rhel7 documentation, it is a bit different from rhel6 single mode password reset/recovery (but. for a root password or have to be root. It was also possible to open Accessories - Root terminal without giving password. And in a Terminal window sudo su and the passwd command functioned. Better use this new won functionality to set a root password. Probably there is a flaw in the Universal USB Installer root is the user name or account that by default has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system. It is also referred to as the root account, root user and the superuser. The root account is the most privileged on the system and has absolute power over it (i.e., complete access to all files and commands) The final few steps of the Linux installer ask the system's time zone to be set up, set a password for the root account, and customize additional software to be installed. Particular attention should be paid to setting a root password that is known only to the DBA and is complex enough not to be guessed

Root & oracle account access to the Linux DB server and domain admin privileges to the Active Directory domain; Oracle 11g client software installed on a separate Linux server for remote client sqlplus connections (optional); if using a remote Linux client server, make sure it is also joined to the AD domain, via the DirectControl agen Installation of Redhat 8 using Oracle Virtualbox a temporary root password generated The following command will change the ownership of the default Nginx document root to a user and. This is dangerous, because a user can log in to their machine as root using Telnet, which transmits the password in plain text over the network. By default, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7's /etc/securetty file only allows the root user to log in at the console physically attached to the machine Switch to root. Enable the password for the root user by doing the following: Run passwd root (set a strong root password). Ensure that the root user can sign in only via ttyS0 by doing the following: a. Run edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config, and ensure that PermitRootLogIn is set to no. b. Run edit /etc/securetty file to allow sign-in only via ttyS0

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Ubuntu's root account will be locked as it does not have a root password by default. A user account you set up before installing Ubuntu is included as an administrator with sudo privileges. Yet, in any capacity, it doesn't imply that you are root. This absence of a root password is an intended feature of Ubuntu Oracle Exadata Default Passwords. dbtut December 13, 2018 ORACLE . Exadata installation is done with standard user name and password unless you specify otherwise. All standard passwords must be changed. The standard user name and passwords in the devices in the Exadata cabinet are as follows. Database Server: root/welcome1 oracle/welcome1 grid. Instead, the user will enter their own user password for temporary root access. Type sudo command and press ↵ Enter (e.g. sudo ifconfig). When prompted for the password, enter your user password, not the root password. sudo is the preferred method for distributions like Ubuntu, where it will work even when the root account is locked When requesting an Oracle Linux system based upon the Self Service functionality in Oracle Enterprise Manager the requester will have the ability to state a password desired for the root account. It is however good practice to ensure that the user is forced to change the root password on the newly created Oracle Linux system and that this is in.

To change forgotten Linux password enter single-user mode, reboot your computer. My default boot loader is, GRUB. At the boot loader menu, use the arrow keys to highlight the installation you want to edit and type [A] to enter into append mode. You are presented with a prompt that looks similar to the following: grub append> ro root=LABEL= Schema Password Set passwords for the accounts: Operating System Groups Select the oinstall group for all the options, except the OSOPER keep it blank. Root Script Execution Mark the checkbox Automatically run configuration scripts and enter the root password: Prerequisite Checks All the Prerequisite Checks should pass. Summar

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Since version 5.7, MySQL is secure-by-default: a random root password is generated upon installation; you need to read this password from the server log you have to change this password the first.. This page serves as a repository of default passwords for various devices and applications. Hardware devices listed below include network devices such as routers, modems, and firewalls, along with various storage devices and computer systems Resetting the Root Password Linux Journal. The following methods can be used for resetting the root password if the root password is unknown. If you use GRUB for booting, select the system to be booted, and add 1 to the end of the kernel boot command. If you're not presented with an edit box to add boot parameters, try using GRUB's edit.

On the left Pan, expand ILOM administration and select User Management Click on User Accounts, Select root user and click on edit button Enter the new password and confirm and Finally click on the Save button to change the password. To Verify the new password, open a Putty session and ssh to IB Switch using new password G NU GRUB (short for GNU GRand Unified Bootloader) is a boot loader package from the GNU Project. If you have, a password protected grub boot loader, and you forgot both root and grub password, then you can recover grub-boot loader password using the following method/procedure In this tutorial, How to confirm Oracle automatic startup on Linux. How to make Oracle start automatic in Linux. By default, Oracle software installation does not deploy automatic startup and shutdown init scripts on the platform. How to confirm Oracle automatic startup on Linux. The dbstart utility reads the oratab file. Confirm it in the [ To reset the forgotten root password in Linux Mint, simply run the passwd root command as shown. # passwd root Specify the new root password and confirm it. If the password matches, you should get a 'password updated successfully' notification Even though the database software is installed on Linux, the Oracle Home contains a Windows executable file for the Oracle Password Filter: On the Active Directory domain controller DC1, the Oracle Password Filter executable can be copied from the database server DBSERV1 using scp run from the PowerShell window

In this guide we are going to cover Oracle Database 11g R2 installation on Linux with ASM. Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is a feature that has be introduced in Oracle 10g to simplify the storage of Oracle datafiles, controlfiles, logfiles and backups.ASM will be used as the file system and volume manager for Oracle Database files (data, online redo logs, control files, archived redo logs. Be sure to change the password for the oracle user. Edit /etc/passwd as root to change the default shell. Create the directories for your mount points if you didn't create them as partitions. Repeat the commands for all three mount points if necessary. The install process for the latest release of Oracle for Linux (8.1.5 or Oracle8i) is.

$ sudo -u oracle /home/oracle/bin/backup prod-db [sudo] password for john: The following will execute the given command by setting the primary group to the given group (i.e dba) $ sudo -g dba /home/oracle/bin/startup prod-d Connect to MySQL with New Root Password Reset MySQL Root Password Using -skip-grant-tables. The second option we have is to start the MySQL service with the --skip-grant-tables option. This is less secure as while the service is started that way, all users can connect without password Starting with Kali 2020.1, there is no longer a superuser account and the default user is now a standard, non-privileged user. Until now, users have logged on to the system with the user root and the password toor. In Kali Linux 2020.1, both the default user and password will be kal Oracle Linux (OL) earlier known as Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) is freely distributed by Oracle and it is complied by Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source code and the same is being used by Oracle Cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems such as Oracle Exadata.This tutorial provides Oracle Linux 8 step by step installation guide with screenshots.Download Oracle Linux 8 from Oracle edelivery.

In this tutorial, I'd like to show you step by step latest Oracle installation in Oracle Linux 6.5 64bit. Normally Virtualbox is not that good to install a production Oracle database environments, but it can be enough for Developers and testers. I suggest you to use minimum of 40GB VM hard disk, 4GB SWAP and [ I will be posting the step by step Oracle 19c Database Installation on Linux.First we will performing the binaries installation and then creating the database using DBC This article presents how to install Oracle 19C on Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 (OEL7) in silent mode. useradd -u 54321 -g oinstall \ -G dba,oper,backupdba,dgdba,kmdba,racdba oracle. Change password for user Oracle. passwd oracle. Install required packages It can be done by adding transparent_hugepage=never to /etc/default/grub [root@oel7. Minimal Install (Default) Begin Installation, set root password, complete installation and reboot. 3 Post-installation of Oracle Linux 3.1 Disable Firewall # systemctl status firewalld # systemctl stop firewalld # systemctl disable firewalld # systemctl status firewalld 3.2 Network Configuratio In September 2010, Oracle announced the new Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) for Oracle Linux as a recommended kernel for deployment with Oracle Linux 5. Starting with Oracle Linux 5.5, Oracle give you could choose to use either the Red Hat Compatible Kernel or the UEK. In Oracle Linux 5.6 and above, the UEK became the default kernel for.

Then I set password for the root by executing command /usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root password MyNewPass . Now the issue was solved and I was able to as root. Note : This is a last resort when all the other solutions are failed (Unix and Linux) root oracle, applmgr. Generic Privileged Account Inter-Dependency database APPS application SYSADMIN operating system oracle/ applmgr database SYS execute SQL as SYS connect Default Password Exists in Database % Default Password % SYS CHANGE_ON_INSTALL 100% 3% SYSTEM MANAGER 100% 4% DBSNMP DBSNMP 99% 52% OUTLN OUTLN 98% 43 1.1 How To: Reset Admin/Root Password FreeBSD (all versions) Turn Server off. Hitting the Power Button should start a shutdown cycle. Hit ESC when the OS starts booting Choose option 4 to boot into Single User Mode When asked for a shell, hit enter to default to /bin/sh Once the machine is booted and you se

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Setup Oracle ASM. Create a folder for user oracle and change the owner: mkdir /oracle. chown oracle:oinstall /oracle. Setting up the Oracle ASM library driver involves defining the default user (oracle) and default group (oinstall) as well as configuring the drive to start on boot (choose y) and to scan for disks on boot (choose y) The default user and password of ILOM is root/changeme, but if you hv changed the password already and due for some reason you forgot the password, here are the step by step to revocer the ILOM password. First of all, try to change the password with ipmitool, but if its still doesn't work, try below step Found this on some Red Hat blog: Systemd is a system and service manager for Linux operating systems. It is designed to be backwards compatible with SysV init scripts, and provides a number of features such as parallel startup of system services at boot time, on-demand activation of daemons, support for system state snapshots, or dependency-based service control logic Accept the default option to create a new virtual hard disk by clicking the Next button: Place the Oracle Linux 6.3 (or newer) DVD in the DVD drive and skip next two screenshots. $ su root Password: # cd /media/sf_oracle_sw/grid/rpm # rpm -Uvh cvuqdisk* Clone the Virtual Machine

Change the Oracle ILOM Root Password (Oracle ILOM CLI

How to reset root password in OEL 5.5 Recently one of my colleague forgotten his Linux OEL 5.5 box root password, so he have been successfully re- his Linux with password reset option available under single user mode Working on a 3-node Oracle Grid Infrastructure cluster on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.4, I need to upgrade TFA to the latest version which is 18.2.1, as of today. I don't want to configure passwordless SSH user equivalency for root and need to use sudo. Official documentation indicates

How To Reset Root Password on ODA when password - Oracl

Here is how to reset a forgotten root password on Novell SUSE. This is a guide for Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3. On the boot menu select the first option SUSE Linux enterprise server and press 'e' for edit. SLES boot menu. On the second menu select the kernel option and press 'e' for edit. Select kernel lin Step 2 - Change Password. After starting MariaDB in safe more connect to MariaDB with root user and without any password. After that run following command to change the root user password. mysql -u root 4.- Install MySQL on Oracle Linux 8. After installing it, as well as with Apache, start the service. It is also convenient to start the system.:~# systemctl start mysqld :~# systemctl enable mysqld or :~# systemctl start mariadb :~# systemctl enable mariadb. However, the MySQL root password has not been defined and the installation has not been. By default, the OS Management Service Agent plugin is enabled on Oracle Linux 6 and 7 instances. For Oracle Linux 8 instances, the OS Management Service Agent plugin is disabled by default because of limitations with managing application streams in Oracle Linux 8. To use the OS Management service with Oracle Linux 8, you must enable the OS Management Service Agent plugin This is the exact same Oracle Linux that Oracle provides to its enterprise customers. And it 'just works' on the personal use demo build of Pengwin Enterprise built with Scientific Linux in the Microsoft Store

Enable direct root Logins for Solaris 10 or Allow root SSH

root password of container · Issue #237 · oracle/docker

As shown, you will be able to access the Apache default page: Step 2: PHP installation on Oracle Linux 8. PHP is included in the Oracle Linux 8 official repository, much like httpd, making installation simple. Install the php modules mentioned as shown below Installing and Creating an Oracle Database 19c on Linux 7. Page | 2. A tutorial edited by Ahmed Baraka . Required Resources • A PC with a . free 8GB. in its memory. This means the RAM memory in your PC should be . at least 12GB. • At least 30GB free disk space. • The PC is connected to the Internet . Database Specification Oracle is very popular database which is used by big enterprises, banks, governments etc. Oracle Database provides a lot of useful features to the MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc. Oracle Express is lightweight database server provided by Oracle. We can use Oracle Express Edition without a fee. Oracle Express Edition is named as Oracle XE . Downloa usermod -G asmdba,asmoper,asmadmin oracle. Create Oracle user password [root@dbwr1 ~]# passwd oracle Changing password for user oracle. New password: BAD PASSWORD: The password is shorter than 8 characters Retype new password: passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully. Create the directories in which the Oracle software will be. By default, Ubuntu doesn't have a root password and the root account is locked. The user account you set up while installing Ubuntu is included as an admin with sudo rights. The user account you set up while installing Ubuntu is included as an admin with sudo rights

ORACLE-BASE - Fedora 33 (F33) InstallationCambiar contraseña (password) al usuario root, manejoOracle Performance and Backup BlogOracle DBA: April 2013Install Oracle Database 11g pada Oracle linux 7 – Hanang
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