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  2. If you are applying for SSI, you can only be eligible if your countable income does not exceed the income limit, also known as the Federal Benefit Rate (FBR). In 2018, the FBR is $750 per month for an individual and $1,125 for married couple recipients. So if you are applying as an unmarried person, your income limit is $750
  3. The SSI income limit (and monthly benefit rate) for a couple is $1,175 in 2020. So after subtracting $480, the $695 remainder is what your new monthly benefit would be. This is less than the $783 SSI benefit that you may have been receiving ($783 is the standard federal benefit amount for an individual in 2020)

There is a maximum family benefit, however, a cap on the total amount a family can collect from Social Security on a single worker's earnings record (including spousal, children's and survivor benefits). The maximum amount is between 150 percent and 188 percent of the worker's monthly benefit payment at full retirement age SSI amounts for 2021 The monthly maximum Federal amounts for 2021 are $794 for an eligible individual, $1,191 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, and $397 for an essential person Although each member of an SSI married couple is guaranteed an income level equal to only 75 percent of the federal benefit rate, they are generally financially better off than SSI individuals living alone. This comparison reflects the economies of scale from sharing living expenses as well as higher incomes

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  1. SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (SSI) GENERAL INFORMATION SSI MONTHLY FEDERAL BENEFIT RATES (FBRs) AND LIVING ARRANGEMENTS Couple: $794.00: Live in a Medicaid Institution SSI RESOURCE LIMITS . You can get SSI in all States, if we count the things you own, and they are worth less than the following: Resource Limits January 2021
  2. When both partners in a marriage receive SSI, there is a monthly maximum for their combined benefit payments. In other words, you and your spouse cannot receive more than a certain amount in SSI each month. For 2021, the SSI limit for couples is $1,194 per month. The Affect of Your Living Situation on SSI
  3. The federal benefit rate represents both the SSI income limit and the maximum federal monthly SSI payment. In 2021, the FBR is $794 per month for individuals and $1,191 for couples. (The FBR increases annually if there is a Social Security cost-of-living adjustment.) To qualify for SSI, your countable monthly income cannot exceed the FBR
  4. Income Limit for SSI In general, the income limit for SSI is the federal benefit rate (FBR), which is $794 per month for an individual and $1,191 per month for a couple in 2021. Remember, though, that not all income is countable, and so you can earn more than $794 per month and still qualify for SSI (more on this below)
  5. If your countable income is over the allowable limit, you cannot receive SSI benefits. Some of your income may not count as income for the SSI program. WHAT INCOME DOES NOT COUNT FOR SSI? Examples of payments or services we do not count as income for the SSI program include but are not limited to: the first $20 of most income received in a month

The limit for countable resources is $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple. WHAT RESOURCES DO NOT COUNT FOR SSI? For SSI, we do not count: the home you live in and the land it is on If you live alone, the most you can get in SSI benefits is $794 per month, but the countable income limit for SSI and the maximum amount you can get may be different if Your husband or wife's income only matters for SSI (the low income, need-based disability program), since the SSDI program (for those who paid FICA taxes over many years) has no income limits. If you are married and your husband or wife makes an income, the SSI program might deem part of your spouse's income to be available to you $28,960 Total Wages - the Social Security Income Limit of $18,960 = $10,000 Income in Excess Of Limit Because this is a full calendar year during which Rosie is receiving benefits but is not yet full retirement age, the benefits reduction amount is $1 reduction for every $2 in excess wages If your combined income was more than $34,000, you will pay taxes on up to 85% of your Social Security benefits. For married couples filing jointly, you will pay taxes on up to 50% of your Social Security income if you have a combined income of $32,000 to $44,000

Applying all appropriate income exclusions, including the first $20 of unearned income (if less than $20 of unearned income in a month, any remaining portion of the $20 exclusion is applied to any earned income in the month), $65 of any earned income in a month, and one-half of remaining earned income in a month; an Single income. Nearing early social security benefits age. (62) birth date 1958, wifes is 1961. Unfortunately we are relying on SS benefits. I have worked 34 years for a major aircraft corporation

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If you are married to and living with another person who collects SSI, then you will receive the SSI amount for couples, $1,191. Notice that $1,191 is less than you would receive if both spouses collected the full SSI amount for individuals ($794 x 2 = $1,588) SSI's Income Limit for Your Living Situation. The most you can get in SSI each month is what Social Security thinks somebody in your situation needs to spend on basic needs. The countable income limit for getting SSI is the same as this maximum benefits amount. This table shows the maximum possible SSI benefits for some common living situations Married couples often make a big mistake when it comes to deciding when to start taking their Social Security benefits. They view the decision as if they were single, which means the main factor they consider is their break-even age.Instead, they should be looking at the joint life expectancy of both partners. For married people, only considering monthly checks in terms of a single life. Additionally, you must meet an income limit in order to be eligible for SSI. The income limit for 2019 is $771 per month if you are an individual or $1,157 per month if you are a couple Married couple The two resource limits for a married couple in 2021 are $11,960 and $26,520. The couple resource limits apply to a married couple who live together whether one or both members apply for the subsidy

Also see GN 00210.800 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Same-Sex Marriages and Same-Sex Couples. Example: John Stevens applies for SSI and reports that he and William Smith were married in Vermont on October 15, 2009 and they make their permanent home in Louisiana. We accept Mr. Stevens' allegation that he is married Supplemental Security Income eligibility has both income and asset limits. To be eligible, one's countable monthly income cannot exceed the benefit amount. As of January 2019, that amount is $771 for an individual and $1,157 for a married couple The average amount married couples are receiving in Social Security benefits in 2018 is a pre-tax figure. If you work and collect benefits, you could pay taxes on up to 85% of your benefits. If a husband and a wife are considered living together, but both are in a title XIX facility, determine eligibility by subtracting the couple's countable income from the full FBR for a couple. Determine the SSI payment amount by subtracting the couple's countable income from the $60.00 payment limit The Social Security Administration's (SSA's) rules for determining a person's income are a common source of confusion for SSI applicants because not all income is counted. Individuals with countable income over the federal benefit rate (FBR)—$794 for individuals and $1,191 for married couples, in 2021—are not eligible for SSI

Married couples have Social Security options. insurance amount (PIA) is $1,000. His wife Phyllis is age 66, and her PIA is $2,496. If Charles and Phyllis need Social Security income early, Charles can file and receive his reduced PIA of $750 at age 62. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 limits use of restricted application to claimants. There is one change, however, in the amount of allowable resources. For married couples, the amount increases to $3,000. However, married couples get less in benefits than individuals who are.. Same sex couples that are married are eligible for Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. Married same sex couples can claim the same benefits as non-same sex couples for Social Security, including retirement benefits, disability benefits and survivor's benefits. Unmarried couples, whether same sex or. Married filing jointly. More than $170,000 but less than or equal to $214,000. $187.50. More than $214,000 but less than or equal to $267,000. $267.90. More than $267,000 but less than or equal to $320,000. $348.30. More than $320,000. $428.60. Married filing separately. More than $85,000. $428.6

As of this writing, federal SSI benefits can provide a maximum of $733 for an individual or $1,100 for a married couple, plus most states add a supplemental payment In 2018, payroll taxes apply to earnings of up to $128,400. A financial safety net, Social Security is designed to replace about 40% of the average retiree's pre-retirement income

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A special consideration for couples: the spousal benefit The spousal benefit allows a wife or husband—including a spouse who never worked —to collect up to 50 percent of what a working spouse's Social Security benefit would be at FRA as long as that spouse has already filed The limit is $25,000 if you are a single filer, head of household or qualifying widow or widower with a dependent child. The limit for joint filers is $32,000. If you are married filing separately, you will likely have to pay taxes on your Social Security income. Calculating Your Social Security Income Ta Resource Limits An unmarried person can have no more than $2,000 in assets to remain eligible for SSI. A married couple is limited to $3,000. Assets include savings and checking accounts, real estate (other than the home you live in), and stocks and bonds Income Limits for the Nursing Home Spouse When only one spouse is applying for Medicaid long-term care, the applicant must meet an income limit to qualify. The Medicaid income limit in 2020 is $2,349 per month Social Security figures that two people who live together can live cheaper than two people who live separately, so the maximum SSI benefits amount for a couple is $1,598.14 (which is only about 170% of the individual maximum of $954.72). The maximum for a couple where both people are blind is $1,749.19

Earned income must be below $1,433 for one person or $2,107 for a couple. Two individuals who are not a couple are independently eligible at $1,433 or less. Four kinds of income count for SSI. Earned income is money you make; unearned income is veteran's benefits, Social Security, interest or stock dividends The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSI benefits also are payable to people 65 and older without disabilities. The maximum benefit in 2020 is $783 per month for an individual, and $1,175 for married couples What is SSI? SSI is a federal program that provides extra money (supplemental income) each month to people who qualify. The maximum monthly benefit in 2018 is $750 only and is not a substitute for an individual or $1,125 for a married couple if each spouse qualifies In 2019, the maximum monthly income for a single senior is $1,041 per month. A married couple with both spouses applying can have up to $1,409 per month in income. These income limits are set at 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), which increases every year

In the past the taxable social security remained the same after I combined our incomes, but for 2020 our combined taxable social security was pushed up to the max rate although neither of us past the $128K income limit. For us it increased taxable social security by $8k and our tax liability to almost $2K more -- Individuals with a combined income between $25,000 and $34,000 are taxed on 50% of their Social Security benefit. -- If your combined income exceeds $34,000, 85% of your Social Security income.. Married couples may have some advantages when deciding how and when to claim Social Security. Even though the basic rules apply to everyone, a couple has more options than a single person because each member of a couple 1 can claim at different dates and may be eligible for spousal benefits In 2021, the maximum spousal income allowance is $3,259.50 / month SSI Recipients Aged, blind or disabled individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Income Limits Resource Limits Individual - $771 per month ($9,252 per year) Couple - $1,157 per month ($13,884 per year

For married couples, as of 2021, the community spouse (the non-applicant spouse of an institutional Medicaid applicant or HCBS waiver applicant) can retain 50% of the couple's joint assets, up to a maximum of $130,380, as the chart indicates above How is Social Security funded? Primarily through a payroll tax. The current tax rate for Social Security is 6.2 percent for the employer and 6.2 percent for the employee — 12.4 percent total. If you're self-employed, you have to pay the entire amount. The government collects Social Security tax on wages up to $142,800 in 2021 Therefore, it might be wise to calculate your taxes as both a married couple filing jointly and two spouses filing separately. An individual or couple's marginal tax bracket affects the amount of Social Security benefits received on an after-tax basis. Before 1984, Social Security benefits were not taxed on federal income tax returns Resource Limit Rules For People With Adult Disabled Children. If you have a child who is on SSI and age 18+ the rules are still pretty simple. As long as you keep your money separate and both pay your own rent, then the parents and adult children will have no impact on each other

For an unmarried applicant, the asset maximum is $2,000. For a married applicant, the maximum is $3,000, including both the applicant's and the spouse's assets. The $3,000 maximum applies regardless of whether the spouse is or is not eligible for SSI Note — if this couple files jointly, and their joint net income tax liability exceeds $1,200, their economic stimulus payment would be $1,800 (basic economic stimulus payment of $1,200, plus child amount of $600). 6) Married, two children, filing separately; all have valid SSNs. Married couple, two qualifying children

Double check your resource limit. If you have disabled children living in your home, the resource limit gets very complicated. Many people mistakenly think their resource limit is lower than it is! For example, a married couple with two children on SSI can have $7,000 in countable resources Each year, the federal government sets a limit on the amount of earnings subject to Social Security tax.In 2021 the Social Security tax limit is $142,800, up from $137,700 in 2020 You may be able to get SSI if your resources are worth $2,000 or less. A couple may be able to get SSI if they have resources worth $3,000 or less. If you own property that you are trying to sell, you may be able to get SSI while trying to sell it

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A2. No, the first Economic Impact Payment was not made to married couples filing joint returns unless both spouses had Social Security numbers valid for employment or at least one spouse was a member of the military. In December 2020, the COVID-related Tax Relief Act of 2020 changed this requirement You are eligible for SSI only if your income falls under the income limits of the SSI program.Income isn't just money you make from a job, however. In order to level the playing field between SSI applicants, the Social Security Administration (SSA) counts the value of free items, such as a room provided by a relative at no charge to you, as income QDWI income & resource limits in 2021: Individual monthly income limit* $4,379. Married couple monthly income limit* $5,892 *Limits are slightly higher in Alaska and Hawaii. If you have income from working, you may qualify for benefits even if your income is higher than the limits listed. Individual resource limit. $4,000. Married couple.

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Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) is available to individuals who can no longer work due to a disability (physical or mental). But only those who have paid taxes into the Social Security system for at least several years are eligible for SSDI (see our article on SSDI eligibility to see how many work credits are required).Those who are approved for benefits receive monthly SSDI. The special income limit for a person is equal to or less than 300 percent of the full individual Supplemental Security Income (SSI) federal benefit rate. The special income limit for a couple is twice the special income limit for an individual Up to 85% of Social Security income may be taxable. Married Filing Jointly: Below $32,000: All Social Security income is tax free. Same: $32,000 to $44,000: Up to 50% of Social Security income may. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 closed two Social Security spousal benefits loopholes mainly used by married couples. Deemed filing Prior to the law change, people who were eligible for earned benefits and spousal benefits were required to file for both at the same time, a practice known as deemed filing Asset Limit $1,600.00 per individual $2,400.00 per married couple Income Limit The monthly limit is computed on an individual basis, using the following standards of basic needs: • Actual rent up to a maximum of: $400.00 (if living alone) $200.00 (if sharing shelter costs

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These medically needy income limits last changed in July 2020 and are broken into three groups. For Group I, the income limit for a single applicant is $332.18 / month and $422.89 for a married couple. Group II allows $383.29 / month for a single person and $471.97 for a married couple Income and Resource Limits. The SSI income limit is equal to the federal benefit rate, or FBR. In 2016, the amount is $733 for individuals and $1,100 for couples per month. Counted income (see exceptions below) must fall below this amount in order for an individual to be eligible **The above income limits for aged, blind and disabled Medicaid (this is also known as categorically needy) includes an unearned income disregard of $362 for a single individual and $429.90 for a married couple. Without the unearned income disregard, the monthly income limit for a single individual in Eastern, Northern, and Western CT is $523. This means that if you're married and file a joint return, you can report a combined income of up to $32,000 before you'd have to pay taxes on Social Security disability benefits. There are two different tax rates the IRS can apply, based on how much income you report and your filing status

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The SSA also advises that a married couple's income must be less than a combined $25,860, and they must have resources of $29,160 or less. Medicare Extra Help can only pay costs associated with. the limits, up to 50 percent of Social Security benefits must be included. As income increases, married couple filing jointly. If Tom's pension was $30,000, however, then 50 percent of their their Social Security benefits in income. The instructions for IRS Form 1040, an individual tax filing form, contain a worksheet for.

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For married couples filing jointly, the phaseout begins at an AGI of $150,000. If you file as head of household, the reductions begin at $112,500. These payments will phase out completely at the. SSI CASH Social Security Administration 100% FBR $ 794 Individual $1,191 Couple $2,000 Individual $3,000 Couple Required Age 65 or older, determined to be blind, or have a disability AHCCCS Medical Services2 SSI MAO www.healthearizonaplus.gov or mail an application to SSI MAO 801 E Jefferson MD 3800 Phoenix, Arizona 85034 100% FP Yes. The SSI program has very strict limits on how much money you can have and on what you own. You are allowed to have resources of up to $2,000 ($3,000 for a couple) under the program.. The home you live in and one vehicle are not included in those limits. Certain other resources are also not included.. Note: If your disability began before you turned 26, you can open an ABLE account where. Medicaid Income Limits for 2021 To qualify for Medicaid through SSI the income limit for an aged, blind or disabled individual cannot exceed $814 per month or $1.211 for a couple. In addition, resource limits apply. For an individual the resources cannot exceed $2,000 per month or $3,000 per month for a couple. Some examples ofresources are Consult w/a Legal Advisor Specializing in SS Law. On-Demand Help Available 24/7. Connecting with an Expert Has Never Been Easier. Chat with an Accountant Today

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) If you marry, your spouse's income and resources may change your SSI benefit; or; If you and your spouse both get SSI, your benefit amount will change from an individual rate to a couple's rate. Benefits for a widow, divorced widow, widower or divorced widower. You cannot get benefits if you remarry before. You're married filing jointly and together your income is less than $24,400. You have no income. You receive federal benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability. Social Security Claiming Basics. Before we review Social Security strategic options for couples, let's look at some basics about claiming options. Individuals can claim Social Security: Early at age 62 At this age, individuals will permanently reduce their benefits by 25%. Make sure early claiming is the best option for you We explain the income limits and how to qualify, enroll, and more. the resource limit is $14,610 for individuals and $29,160 for married couples. Supplemental Security Income (SSI. The amount of Social Security income that's taxable is the smallest of the following 3 calculations.. 85% of Social Security benefits. 50% of Social Security benefits + 85% of excess PI over $34,000 (for single recipients) or $44,000 (for married recipients, filing jointly)

The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines your IRMAA based on the gross income on your tax return. For married couples, the limit is less than $1,457 monthly and less than $11,800 in. For a married couple who is living together, the limit is $25,860. When your income is calculated, governmental assistance such as food stamps, housing assistance, and home energy assistance aren't counted. Even if your income is higher than the limits, you should still apply for Extra Help if you think you qualify

Their resources must be below the allowable limits of $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple. They must successfully complete the application process, according to the CDSS website Individuals who receive Medi-Cal with no share of cost (SOC) through SSI-linked Medi-Cal, the 250% Working Disabled Program, Aged and Disabled Program (income limit of $1,482 for an individual and $2,004 for a couple as of April 1, 2021 ), or expansion Medi-Cal, will also be entitled to IHSS with no SOC

If your yearly income in 2019 (for what you pay in 2021) was You pay each month (in 2021) File individual tax return File joint tax return File married & separate tax return; $88,000 or less: $176,000 or less: $88,000 or less: $148.50: above $88,000 up to $111,000: above $176,000 up to $222,000: Not applicable: $207.90: above $111,000 up to. To be eligible for SSI and/or Medicaid, an individual usually is limited to $2,000 in resources (or $3,000 for a couple). For SSI, there also is a very low income ceiling. Because the resource limits for SSI and Medicaid are so low, the receipt of a lump sum, including an inheritance or a settlement, can easily disqualify the individual If you have Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability, you may get Medicaid coverage automatically or you may have to apply. If you get SSI Disability and have Medicaid. You're considered covered under the health care law. You don't need to get a Marketplace plan. You won't have to pay the penalty that people without coverage must pay

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Social Security benefits are an important part of retirement income. For some retirees, these benefits make up most or all of their support. In this situation, benefits are not taxable. When you. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program - run by the Social Security Administration - provides monthly income to people who are age 65 and older, or are blind or disabled, and have limited income and financial resources.As of January 2019, the amount of SSI payment for an eligible single person is $771 per month; the amount for eligible couples is $1,157 per month Income Limits Income Limit: Applicants qualify if their countable monthly income (i.e. after deductions) is below 250% of the FPL. For a single individual, that's $2,167; for a married couple (both applying for benefits), $2,917. Special rules explain how food, clothing and shelter given to the applicant might count as income. For purposes o It is part of your income as a married couple and therefore, taxable on a federal return. No, you cannot claim your spouse as a dependent. But you can file a joint return--almost always the best way to file if you are married. If you were legally married at the end of 2019 your filing choices are married filing jointly or married filing separately The gross income limit is 300% of the SSI Federal Benefit Rate (FBR) for an individual. See 0029.06.03 (Supplemental Security Income Program) for the current rate. If a married couple lives together and both partners apply and have a basis of eligibility, use their combined gross income

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$0.00 Total Gross Monthly Budget amount. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program. This means any other income you receive, such as earned income from work, will cause your SSI to decrease. This example demonstrates the effect of wages (earned income) on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) WAC 388-474-0010 How does being a supplemental security income Mother is disabled and chooses to apply for SSI and father and mother are approved for SSI as a couple getting $818 for themselves and $440 TANF for the children. Married SSI clients both age 65 or older receive SSI at the SSI couples rate At age 18, your child is considered to be an adult. The rules for determining SSI for an adult very different froare m that of a child. For example, the agency does not count the income and resources of family members when deciding whether an adult meets the financial limits for SSI. They only count the adult's income and resources Tax Year 2020 Income Limits and Range of EITC Number of Qualifying Children For Single/Head of Household or Qualifying Widow(er), Income Must be Less Than For Married Filing Jointly, Income Must be Less Than Range of EITC No Child $15,820 $21,710 $2 to $53

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Up to 50% or even 85% of your Social security benefits are taxable if your provisional or total income, as defined by tax law, is above a certain base amount. Your Social Security income may not be taxable at all if your total income is below the base amount Connecticut: Individuals with adjusted gross incomes of up to $75,000 don't have to pay state taxes on Social Security benefits. The income limit for married couples is $100,000. Kansas: Whether you're filing individually or jointly, if your adjusted gross income is $75,000 or lower, you don't have to pay state taxes on Social Security For the sake of clarity, SSDRC.com is not the Social Security Administration, nor is it associated or affiliated with SSA. This site is a personal, private website that is published, edited, and maintained by former caseworker and former disability claims examiner, Tim Moore, who was interviewed by the New York Times on the topic of Social Security Disability and SSI benefits in an article. You may be eligible for SSI payments if you have little or no income and if your assets are $2,000 or less for a single person or $3,000 or less for a married couple. Certain assets, such as your home or car, do not count. Applying for Supplemental Security Income. You can apply for SSI at your nearest Social Security office. You do not have to.

For married couples filing jointly with a combined income exceeding $44,000, they are required to pay income taxes on up to 85 percent of their Social Security benefits. The Social Security tax rate is 6.2 percent for an employer and 6.2 percent for an employee, or 12.4 percent total $1,082 for a couple; $361 for an essential person; SSI Income Requirements. Because SSI is available only for those who do not meet the work requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), there are maximum resource limits that could invalidate an applicant from receiving benefits To qualify for the special income limit, a person or couple must: have countable income that exceeds the reduced SSI FBR, reside in a Medicaid-certified long-term care facility for 30 consecutive days, and; receive a level of care or medical necessity determination that qualifies the person or couple for Medicaid. If they can be considered a.

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To qualify for MassHealth benefits, seniors (age 65 or older) must meet strict financial eligibility requirements, including both a limit on countable assets as well as income. If you're married and live with your spouse, both of your incomes and assets count in deciding if you can get MassHealth. Countable income includes: Wages, salary, tips, commissions (before deductions) Self-employment.. She would collect $6,480 per year from Social Security, plus any future cost-of-living adjustments (COLA), a total that will help the couple pay their bills until Al turns 70. At that point, Al's monthly Social Security payment will be $2,640 per month (a 32% boost for waiting four years before starting), plus any COLAs in the interim

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Learn more: https://KennonFinancial.com (You may never view saving and spending the same way again) Please SUBSCRIBE. I need 1000 subscribers to unlock many. For 2018, the income limits are $1,242 per month for a single person and $1,682 per month for a married couple. The same asset limits for SSI apply for this program. Medi-Cal Share of Cost (SOC): If you meet the asset requirements for the SSI or A&DFPLP Medi-Cal programs, but your income is too high, you might qualify for the Share of Cost Medi. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides payment to low income people who are blind, have a disability or age 65 or older. SSI is managed by the Social Security Administration and the money used to make these payments are paid by the US Treasury general funds, not the trust funds from Social Security Supplemental Security Income Limits Effective January 1, 2020 Individual in own home $783 Individual in home of another $522 Couple in own home $1,175 Couple in home of another $783 In-kind Support and Maintenance maximum (ISM) $281 300% limit $2,349 Old Age Pension $821 Nursing Facilit See the current income limits. These limits usually increase each year in January. People with income above these limits may still qualify for long-term care services through the Medically Needy Spend-Down Program. For more information, please call 1-800-230-0690 United Spinal supports the SSI Restoration Act (H.R. 4280/S. 2753), which would increase SSI's asset limits to $10,000 for an individual and $20,000 for a married couple, while removing financial penalties that prevent many couples from marrying

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