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  1. Open Excel, and check whether the problem still occurs. If the problem still occurs, quit Excel, restore the file to its original location, and go to the next step. If the problem is resolved, drag com.microsoft.Excel.plist to the Trash. Quit all Office for Mac applications
  2. Excel cannot open the filebecause the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file. My OSX software is up to date along with the Excel software. Ran disk repair and there were no problems
  3. Yes, I can open other excel files on my mac. When I say can't open I mean that I CAN'T OPEN THE FILE IN EXCEL. I get a message saying that I can either see it was read only or notify, but this only happens on a desktop mac, when I try to open it on my macbook I get no message
  4. Make sure that all Microsoft Office for Mac programs are closed. On the Go menu, open the root/hidden Library folder. Note The Library folder is hidden in Mac OSX Yosemite. To display this folder, hold down the OPTION key while you click the Go menu
  5. Well, a bit more searching provided an answer - the workbook is opening, but opening Hidden. So, from the Mac Excel Window menu, select Unhide. You may need to have a dummy workbook also open and play with Hide and Unhide
  6. Does Excel open? If so we need to check some things first: Reboot into the Recovery HD by choosing the 'Apple' menu > Restart, then hold down the 'Command' + R' keys on the keyboard during the start up process. When you see the Apple Logo you can let go
  7. Checking the DDE is one of the most common reasons why you will have your Excel files not opening. When you check the Dynamic Data Exchange then you should expect trouble opening your Excel files. You need to uncheck this to allow the application to send a signal when an Excel file or workbook is double-clicked in order to open
Excel File Extensions: XLSX, XLSM, XLS, XLTX and XLTM

Start Excel in safe mode Safe mode lets you start Excel without encountering certain startup programs. You can open Excel in safe mode by pressing and holding Ctrl while you start the program, or by using the /safe switch (excel.exe /safe) when you start the program from the command line On the File menu, select Options, and then select Add-Ins. In the Manage list at the bottom of the screen, select COM Add-Ins item, and then select Go. Clear one of the add-ins in the list, then select OK. Restart Excel by double-clicking the icon or file name for the workbook that you are trying to open To recover a lost Excel file using Time Machine: Connect your Time Machine backup disk if it's not already connected to your Mac. Open the folder that contained the deleted Excel file. For example, if the files were in your Documents folder, open Finder and select Documents from the sidebar on the left open MS Excel and go to File. Now, select Export and choose Change File Type. Check whether it is showing the option of.xlsx or not. If not, then change the extension of the file

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  1. First, launch Microsoft Office Excel 2013 And click File > Open from the menu for opening the Open window. Now choose the folder that contains the XLSM file using the integrated file browser > choose the XLSM file. Then click on the Open button for opening the Excel XLSM file
  2. This feature of MS Excel is being used to Repair corrupt files are: Turn On Microsoft Excel & Go to the File menu. Choose the Open tab option & press on Browse. Select the file to open and select the Open and Repair option icon
  3. 4 Use the Safe Mode to Open the Excel File. You can try opening the file while you are in safe mode. Safe mode on Windows computers allows users to fix most problems with the operating system as it only boots essential system programs and services. Step 1: Press Windows + R key to open the Run command. Type in excel.exe/safe and hit the okay.
  4. If you use Microsoft Excel on your Mac, you can save the spreadsheets you create and open them in Numbers, Apple's spreadsheet app. It's a handy feature to use in case you can't access.
  5. Although there is a version of Excel for Mac and iOS, it doesn't support the full features of the original Microsoft Excel for Windows. This is a significant headache for businesses because some of the major tools (needed such as Pivot chat and Built-In Database Connectivity) are not available in Excel for Mac or iOS
  6. If you have tried but the excel file is not opening on your computer, follow these simple fixes to unblock and modify the MS Excel Options and you will be able to access excel files in no time at all. Fix-1 Unblock the file- You can unblock the excel file from the document properties- 1
  7. Help:Excel on Mac cannot open file on sharepoint Usually, we use excel web app to edit files on Sahrepoint. Since some files are embeded with VBA, saved as.xlsm, excel web app cannot function correctly. Therefore, system ask us if we want to open the file by excel application on local machine, and of course, Yes

Excel File Corruption In most cases, when you open a file but not showing any data, it is probably because the file is damaged. If you have a backup that contains the corrupted file, pick it out from your backup file. If you don't, then turn to a data recovery tool to recover the lost files on Mac Some add-ins will result in Excel won't open a file, such as Excel add-in and COM add-in. So, turn off these add-ins is also a way to fix the problem. Step 1. Launch the new Excel file and move to File > Options > Add-ins. Step 2. Click to show the drop-down menu of the Mange in the Add-in tab. Then, choose COM Add-ins and click Go. Step 3 Fix 3. Use EaseUS File Repair Tool to Fix Excel Cannot Open the File. If the Excel cannot open the file because the extension is not valid problem is caused by file corruption rather than file compatibility, you need a professional file repair program to help you fix the problem Everyone knows how to open Microsoft Word on Mac, but we do not talk about just opening and closing the files. You can also repair the MS Word files with the following steps. Start MS Word and click on the File menu. Choose the Open option, and it will open up a dialog box where you can select the Word file which needs repair If the DDE message is set to be ignored in Excel, double-clicking a workbook will open a blank screen. So check the value of this setting and uncheck the ignore DDE option (if enabled), as follows: In Microsoft Excel, click on File > Options. This will open 'Excel Options' window

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Excel for Mac error: The application Microsoft Excel quit

Launch Numbers (it's in the Applications folder of your Mac). In the window that automatically opens when you launch the app, navigate to the location of your Excel file. For example, if it's in.. Excel is a very powerful widely used tool that helps its users manage their financial data, reports, and carry out mathematical calculations. Despite being widely used, many users face a common problem while opening a file in Excel, Excel cannot open the file '(filename)'.xlsx because the file format for the file extension is not valid The shortcut keys are ctrl + shift + esc. A new window where everything on your platform would open. In the processes tab, see if you have WINWORD.exe open or not. If you see that process there, that means Microsoft Office has been opened but not showing Excel Opening Blank is a very irritating issue usually faced by the Excel users while trying to open their Excel files. When the users double-click on an Excel file or on the workbook icon, the program starts but a blank screen appears with a white screen or in some cases grey screen instead of the projected file

More commonly, the file is elsewhere so I use the FileOpen ribbon item within Excel to open the file in the particular version of Excel that I want to use (I have five versions: 3 for Windows and 2 for Mac). It is possible to set the default app for.xlsx files to be Windows Excel We've also tried to open Excel first, then open it from the tab: File > Open. This is with all the files on our network. When the user downloaded the file to his local drive, he can open it. When he tries to open it from the network drive, it gives the error message Detected on File Open: Most of the time, the corrupted files are detected when Excel attempts to open a file. When excel file is corrupted, it will display corruption and repair warnings like: Excel cannot open the file, because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file. If you have problem with opening in excel file then, select Home } Conditional Formatting } Clear Rules } Clear Rules From Entire Sheet. At the bottom of the sheet select additional tabs, and repeat step one on each of them

Excel 2016 (15.15) for Mac won't open file

  1. Enter the Excel application and on the Taskbar click File, select Open from the list, then click on your inaccessible file. Now click Open and Repair. As a result, you will no longer see the message of the workbook cannot be opened or repaired by microsoft excel because it is corrupted and you will be able to use the file again
  2. Open Excel, and click File > Info > Manage Workbook. Click Recover Unsaved Workbooks from the drop-down menu. Step 2. Select the unsaved file and click the Open button. Then, on the pop-up window, choose Save As to recover it. If you also need the guide on how to recover unsaved Excel file on Mac, here is the quick access
  3. No Internet Connection It looks like you are not connected to the Internet. You may not be able to access these folders until you go online. Cause. Network List Service is stopped and disabled on the client computer. Resolution. Enable and start Network List Service on the client computer. To do this, follow these steps
  4. Use 'Open and Repair' Option of MS Excel: For this, open Excel, and then go to 'File >> Open'. Select the file that you want to open, but do not double-click it. Go to the 'Open' drop-down.
  5. If the file is corrupt and cannot be opened prompts when you try to open some of the Excel or Word files on your computer, you can try this solution for a quick fix. Step 1 . Find and right-click the file you have difficulty in opening
  6. Try downloading the file to your actual Documents folder and open it up that way. Also make sure that the document is not protected because some errors may occur as well. When you open up your email, try using save to folder or where ever you save your documents to downloading it to the Downloads folder works as well. Was this post helpful
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These are the simple steps to change the Excel file extension. It is not about to change any folder. If you are unable to do it by the mentioned method then, follow these steps: 1. Open MS Excel, choose File option and Click on Options 2. Select Save tab 3 Tip: If you are experiencing Excel not responding problem with a particular Excel file, it's quite possible that the file is corrupt or partially damaged.And thus, leading to an Excel freeze or crash problem. Use Stellar Repair for Excel software to quickly repair and restore Excel (.xls/.xlsx) file in its original, intact form

Cannot open any of my Excel files on my Ma

In Excel for Mac 2016, I can open an Excel file created on Excel 2013 for Windows. If your issue is related to a specific file, please save it to a new workbook as .xls to have a try. If the issue persists, please share the Excel files to us via GBSD TN Office Information Collection ibsofc@microsoft.com AutoSave is a different feature which automatically saves your file as you work - just like if you save the file manually - so that you don't have to worry about saving on the go. On the Mac, AutoSave is available in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 for Mac subscribers. When AutoSave is turned on AutoRecover files are rarely needed 3 main methods can help you open a corrupt Excel file: 1. Using Open and Repair Tool in Excel. You can manually repair damaged Excel files with the Open and Repair Method and does not require backup as well. Here are the steps that should be followed: Click MS Office tab; Click on Open; Once the 'Open' dialog box opens, choose the corrupt files I can not open an MS Excel file saved on Google Drive File Stream on my Mac. When I move the file to my desktop, it opens fine. iMac mid 2015. MacOS Catalina Ver. 10.15.1. Google Drive File Stream Ver. Microsoft Excel for Mac Ver. 16.31. Details. Misc. Drive Issues, Mac I am having trouble opening csv files correctly in Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011, Version 14.1.0. The files will open but the dialog box to set the delimiter as a comma does not come up and thus all the columns are concatenated with commas

Excel file opening in Read Only Mode I had this problem today, and finally figured out the solution. I had put a slash / in the filename, which is OK on the Mac, but Excel does NOT like it. When.. Separate your Excel file into different workbooks: Here, you can split up the large Excel file you are working with into different separate workbooks before going ahead to open each one in a different instance of Excel from the other to avoid complications that come from working with large files. By implication, each of these workbooks you open.

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As with opening Microsoft Word files in Pages for Mac, opening Excel files within Spreadsheets for Mac is a painless process as it offers built-in support for the file type You have now successfully reset Excel File Associations settings. Method 3: Repair Microsoft Office. So instead of your file, maybe Microsoft Office is dealing with some of the other issue, and hence it is the reason behind Excel file not opening on double click. Follow the below steps to solve the Excel will not open problem Another method for preventing files from automatically opening is to press the ESCAPE key (but do not press and hold). When you press ESCAPE after the files start to open, Excel is prevented from opening additional files. Using this method, you may receive one or both of the following messages The following is a step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to repair corrupted excel file using the Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair. 'Add File': The first step of this tutorial is regarding the adding of the corrupted file into the Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair.You will have to make use of the 'Add File' option for this purpose Browse other questions tagged excel vba excel-2011 or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 324: Talking apps, APIs, and open source with developers from Slac

Credit to the corporate drop-box support- they answered the question immediately when i contacted them on chat. The problem was with excel not drop-box- Excel has a 256 character limit including extensions in the path. We had the excel file buried in too many subfolders with long names, taking us over the 256 character limit From the Finder, Control-click the file, then choose Open With > Numbers. If Numbers is the only spreadsheet app on your Mac, you can just double-click the file. From the Numbers for Mac app, choose File > Open, select the file, then click Open. If a file is dimmed, it's not in a compatible format

Now try to open the Excel document and check if the problem is fixed. Adjust Antivirus Settings; A few antivirus programs block Excel files and other Office documents by opening those in 'read-only' mode. In such cases, try adjusting the antivirus settings to open the Excel files normally Have done some internet research and have not found reason for this problem. Do you think this is an excel issue? It's across the board with office suites (2007, 2010 & 2013 cannot open them) or some security issue like a firewall or anti-virus software? Our business RUNS on excel docs, so I need to find a solution a.s.a.p.!! And the unexpected Mac shutting down can also bring the same result. Whatever led to the accident, you have a chance to recover Excel file not saved on Mac. Method 1. Restore Unsaved Excel File from the Temporary Folder. Follow the steps provided below to restore unsaved Excel file on Mac from the Temporary/Temp folder. 1 Excel 2010 File-> Options-> section Advanced-> option group: General-> option: Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) After setting this option, close Excel. When you now double click on the attachment, it should open as expected. When the option to ignore other applications is set, attachments will not open in Excel

Microsoft Excel may use add-ins to provide additional features and functionality. These add-ins sometimes cause problems with opening Excel spreadsheet files. Disabling these add-ins may fix the issue of an Excel file opening as a blank workbook. Open Microsoft Excel. In the Ribbon, click the File tab and click Options in the left navigation pane Still having trouble. I have a file that always opens on the launch of Excel 2010. I can click File > Open File Location and see that the folder is not an XLSTART folder, but just an ordinary location on a networked drive. I confirmed that the 'At startup, open all files in' entry is blank Some users try to open the file using Excel 2007 (both Windows XP and Window 7) but it doesn't prompt them for the password and nothing opens but a blank Excel with no worksheet. Other users with Excel 2007 and the same operating systems can open the file as expected. I don't have another user with Excel 2010 to test if they can open the file Data Connections to the original file, which you have imported to Mac Excel. Version of the Mac Excel or Office for Mac is not updated with the recent updates. The file was created using the previous version of Mac Excel and is not supported in the current version. The file is damaged — by viruses, improper system shutdown, application. I recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Suddenly I couldn't open most of my previously-saved files in Excel, and PPT wouldn't let me save new files. I was receiving errors like this: Turns out that my hard drive itself had problematic characters in its name; at some point I had inadvertently overridden it

Since upgrading to Parallels 9 Desktop, I can no longer open Word or Excel files saved on a particular network share using the Mac version of Word or Excel. I'm not positive this problem is related to Parallels 9, but based on some of the postings I've seen here in the forums, I'm beginning to think they may be Excel and CSV files are not opening properly after download in Excel on Mac Hi. This has never happened before, weird.I'm trying to download my data from one form and everytime I do, as Excel or even CSV, Excel gives me a warning the f..

Join Date 07-22-2015 Location San Francisco MS-Off Ver Mac 2011 Version 14.5.2 Posts 10 Here are issues because of which a lot of users face the issue of Excel not opening. The file and path name is limited to 254 characters. If any of them exceed 254 characters, Excel will not be able to open the file. If you are opening the file from the 'Open' tab in Excel, try opening the file through browsing. It seems that the paths.

Excel opens a blank screen when you double-click a file

There are differences in the way that the GetOpenFilename method is implemented in Microsoft Windows and in the Mac. The ButtonText parameter is only available for the Mac. Additionally, the FileFilter and MultiSelect parameters are not available for the Mac. Without these parameters, the GetOpenFileName is not very useful for the Mac Right-click on the file and select Close Open file from the options. Now you can edit the excel file having disconnected the user who had it open. Exit Excel and open the file afresh to edit. Part 3: How to Avoid the Situation Excel File Locked for Editin I always want Word files to open in Word and Excel files to open in Excel, but when viewing a list of files in Finder, I want to be able to right-click, choose Open With, then have Preview appear.

To use the feature to recover your file, simply launch Excel and click on the File menu followed by Open. Select the Recent Workbooks option and scroll down and you will find an option saying Recover Unsaved Workbooks. Click on the option, select your Excel file that you want to recover, and the file will launch in the software for you If updates are not the issue, make sure you are opening the files using the correct program. You can see which programs you can use to open that file by right clicking on the file itself. There should be an open with... option which when clicked on will show you what options you have for opening that file If that doesn't work, you can double check that it actually opened by: 1. Go into the VBE (use alt-f11) 2

On the next screen, expand the list of Open Files > right-click on the Locked Excel File and click on Close Open File option. Once you are able to remotely close the open Excel file, the other user will be removed from the File and you will be able to open the locked Excel file and make changes to it In fact, if you have enabled AutoSave and AutoRecover, Office Excel will automatically recover your Excel files that left unsaved on Mac when you open Excel again, all you need to do is save the file immediately. Also, there is another option to do Excel recovery by using AutoRecover: Step 1. Click on Finder App on your Mac, go to Go>Go to Folder Macintosh computers do not rely on file extensions to determine which program to use when opening a file. However, for the sake of compatibility with the Windows version of the program, Excel for Mac uses the XLSX file extension. Excel files created in one operating system can be opened the other Microsoft Office Excel (version 2007 and newer) is the primary software program used to open XLSB files and edit XLSB files. If you have an earlier version of Excel, you can still open, edit, and save XLSB files with it, but you have to install the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack first

Opening the File on a Mac If you are using Mac OSX, you'll need to open Excel first and then go to the Data menu and select -> Import External Data -> Import Data. You will be able follow the wizard from then on to format the data correctly Microsoft 365 includes premium Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps, 1 TB cloud storage in OneDrive, advanced security, and more, all in one convenient subscription. With Microsoft 365, you get features as soon as they are released ensuring you're always working with the latest. Create, view, edit, and share your spreadsheets using Excel for Mac You do this by right-clicking on the directory or file and selecting Properties, then the Security tab. Click on the Edit button and respond to any UAC prompt. Click on Add... then type in the user accounts you want to give access to these objects I think this might really help with my issue of porting a script to be used for mac users. But I'm kind of rusty and i get hung up on the part sMacScript = set sFile to (choose file of type ({ & _ com.microsoft.Excel.xls, org.openxmlformats.spreadsheetml.sheet, &

Then just opening the excel file is a difficult thing, not to say removing read only mode in excel file. But if you want to disable excel file read only, removing or recovering excel file password to open the password protected excel file is necessary at first. Otherwise, you just could let excel file read-only all the time. Related Articles Upgrade To Catalina, Opening Excel File With Numbers, Formulas Not Working ? I have Upgraded to Catalina and opening excel file with numbers (as excel is not working now in Catalina OS), i see now that the formulas of that excel file are not working. Can you offer the me the resolution for this please ? —- Mahendra Tanti Open the file with the Text Recovery converter. Install Outlook or ensure any dialogue box on Outlook is closed. These errors show up as Office trust settings prevent you from opening untrusted files. Follow these steps to get rid of this error Excel is supposed to open just about any Lotus 1-2-3 file. Have you selected Enable: Lotus 1-2-3 Files in the File/Open dialog box? Perhaps, you have not associated .wk3 and .wk4 files with Excel.Use the File/Get Info dialog box to do this. To convert 1-2-3 files to another format (including Excel), you can use MacLinkPlus Deluxe Microsoft Excel for Mac default file extension associations The most common file formats used with the specific file extensions.xls file extension is used for Microsoft Excel 97 to 2003 workbook.xlsm file extension is used for Microsoft Excel Open XML macro-enabled workboo

How to Recover Excel Files on Mac [All the Available Methods

notes attached to cells not visible, broken since last excel update (Office 365 on Mac) I've got many notes (the yellow non-threaded formerly called comments) in my excel sheets. Since the latest software update I can not display/view my notes anymore If the excel is password protected, macro may fail to run. Unprotect the excel workbook or excel worksheet and run the macro. Excel Is In Edit Mode. Excel is in edit mode, when you are editting any cell. When excel is in edit mode, most of the menu options gets grayed out. You need to ensure that excel is not in Edit Mode. Macros Are Disable Open the Add-ins menu again. Uncheck the box next to the add-in you want to uninstall. Press OK. The add-in file will be closed, and it will not re-open next time you open Excel. If you want to permanently remove the add-in name from the list: Delete the add-in file from your computer or move it to a new folder. Open the Add-in Menu

3 Ways to Fix Excel Cannot Open the File '(filename

Launch the software and select Recover Excel Open Password on the main interface. Step 3. Import the excel file you need to crack the password, or directly drag the encrypted excel file into the add box. Then the software will start to detect the complexity of the encryption algorithm and password If you need others to be able to open and edit a file using excel online, they have to be invited in a Collaboration with at least an editor access and they will need to install Box Edit. Check out these support articles for more information on this: Opening and Editing Files with Box Edi

4 Working Solutions to Fix Excel XLSM Files Won't Open In

Use an Open File dialog in VBA with both Mac and Windows Select files on a Mac (GetOpenFilename Open the folder with Excel files in Windows Explorer. Highlight the files you need. Right-click and choose the Properties option in the context menu. Switch to the Details tab. Click on 'Remove Properties and Personal Information' at the bottom of the dialog window. Select 'Remove the following properties from this file'

Fix Excel Cannot Open the File 'file

Then you can just type the following to open an file in Excel: xl file.csv Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited May 6 '20 at 4:12. What commands can be issued to Excel for Mac from the terminal? 3. Select file from command-line. 0. Can't open file Excel for Mac This method works for existing Excel files for 2007 and 2019 versions of Excel. Check out the steps below. Step 1. Install 7-Zip or any other type of Zip compression tool such as WinRar on your PC. Step 2. Use the compression to open the Excel file. Right-click on the file and select Open with WinRar or 7-Zip. Step 3 Please help in any way. I have copied my excell 2000 data onto a floppy however it will not open in Excel 2003 XL2000 and XL2003 share exactly the same file format and so should open just fine in either. However, you should never open XL files on floppies - XL uses temporary files, which may exceed the capacity of the floppy

[Solved] Excel Cannot Open the File Due to Invalid Extensio

Step 1: Copy the Excel sheet from the Word (Click on it, and CTRL +C) Step 2: Open Outlook and compose new message. Step 3: Paste the copied Excel sheet into the Outlook New message window. Step 4: Double click on the Excel sheet you just pasted in Outlook and it may prompt you: Step 5: Click Yes you will be able to edit it If I clicked the file menu and then selected to open in browser it worked fine, so it wasn't an issue with the Excel Service account permissions. I tried: Make sure the file is an .xlsx file (not .xls) Activating/Deactivating the site collection feature to Open Documents in the Client Application by Default

How to open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets using Apple

We work with a system that spits out delimited text-files with Excel formulas. The good-old Text Import Wizard has a default type for columns. When using this type, Excel will interpret formulas in CSV/Text files. As far as I can see, this is not possible with Get & Transform When the Open dialog box pops up, just select the necessary file and click Open.. The document will open in Excel and the program will prompt you to save it. Click on the Save As button in the yellow bar above your worksheet and save the file to the desired location.; Recover overwritten Excel files. Excel 2010 and 2013 make it possible not only to restore the unsaved workbooks, but also to.

Whether you want to send a Numbers file to an Excel user or open an Excel document on your Mac with Numbers, we'll show you the best route to avoid errors and prevent major disagreements between. Tips: if the Excel was password-protected for editing, you can also use the same program to remove the restriction password for modification.First, click Remove Workbook Worksheet Password on the main screen. Then import the protected Excel file to this program. The protected Excel file should be with a lock icon besides the file name A co-worker creates excel files with photos embedded. I copy the files to my computer via a thumb drive. I usually never have any problem opening these files, but one or two of the hundreds of files will not open. I get a message that says this file is not in a recognizable format

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