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Chevy 700-R4 Transission Build - 700 Soup-Up and Jet Performance Transmissions has sought out all the weak links of the 700-R4 and developed a virtually bulletproof trans with a variety of. PerformaBuilt's 700-R4 Level 3 transmission includes a modified five-pinion planetary, a heavy-duty input drum, steel pistons, Raybestos frictions and steels, a 29-element sprag assembly, a Beast.. Building a Better TH700R4 Parts and knowledge exist to make them really strong -- but it took some serious searching Its 0.70:1 overdrive ratio in top gear is the primary reason for the 700R4. This is the best thread I have seen on the 700R4. I have a 1978 Ford Bronco that I am building up, here are my plans so far. 351W stroked to 408 mustang fuel injection (500hp/450ftlbs), Dana 60 front, 14 bolt rear, 4.88 gears, Detroits, NP205/203 doubler to a 700R4, 39 Boggers offroad, 37MTR's daily driving. It will be used on and offroad

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We brought B&M a '92 core--the very 700 we burned up during our Mission 305 engine build and replaced with a T56 (Trans-Mission 305 Parts 1 and 2, Feb. and Mar. '05). As we've noted, however, we. Building a 700r4. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. G. glhx · I've built mopar torqueflites. He told me that the 700r4 was not bullet proof like the torqueflites I'm used to working on and that a lot of upgrades and parts needed to be put into them to make them last under decent power. Then.....he proceeded to open up a container.

There isnt really a such thing as a bulletproof 700r4.Its all about how much money your willing to dump into a transmission thats probably still going to break depending on how much abuse you throw at it.They definately arent known as a reliable or strong unit especially if you put any power to them. dumping 2-3grand into an od trans as opposed to just running a th400 and dealing with the gas. The Monster-In-A-Box transmission rebuild kit for the 700R4 is available for GM vehicles. Found in this kit are all the parts you need to make your transmission a real Monster. It comes as a performance Mega package and also has a SS variant for those needing a higher horsepower and torque rating We build durability into one of Ford's most rugged transmissions ever. Here are some things you need to know about Ford's AOD, AOD-E, and 4R70W transmission I'm getting ready to build the 700R4 that's going to go behind my 383 stroker - the engine should make around 425hp and 450 ft-lb of torque and I've got a 100 shot to throw at it if it doesn't make at least that :haha: Anyhow - I'm starting with a 1992 donor transmission and needing some..

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Oct 22, 2015 - How to rebuild, upgrade and bulletproof a GM 700R4 automatic transmission Share on Facebook Share on Twitter PowerNation T This was suppsed to be a bulletproof 700R4, I'm going to be talking with the builder tommorow but I'm not holding my breath. Does anyone know of any really good 700R4 tranny builders out there? I'm hitting the thing with about 55o horse so I want it to be bulletproof if possible GM Performance Transmissions Performance 700R4, 6L80E, 4l60E, & TH2004R transmission upgrades, rebuilds & much more! Level 10 specializes in state-of-the-art performance transmission upgrades and rebuilds, including custom built GM car bulletproof transmissions, superchargers and torque converters The Bulletproof Chevy package is rated to 700HP and can be built up to 1000HP.The factory transmission has a 87 % failure rate after installing a supercharger or turbo. You have two options go to dealer and pay more for the same.Or get the transmission designed for supercharger or turbo for less Hughes Performance has been building hot performing street and racing automatic transmissions since its beginnings in 1971 when it was founded by William Charles Hughes, Sr. That's 46 years of proven street and strip experience. Hughes Performance, which remains a family owned and operated company, was founded on a solid work ethic and attention to durability — an attitude that remains.

I was going to do a big build on one, but I tried that on the trailblazer on the 5,000 or under area with a 4L60E. Its very hard to move a part, take a picture, and constantly do that over and over with dirty hands with my phone so this is what I do to HP 700R4's Meanwhile, the TH400 is nearly bulletproof and has better gear ratios for higher-powered cars. History repeats itself when it comes to the four-speed 4L60E and 4L80E, except the gear ratio.

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  1. Building A Bullet-Proof Turbo 400 With ATI Performance. By Randy Bolig August 08, 2019. When it comes to a rugged, automatic transmission, the General Motors Turbo 400 is known as a brute. It has been the most-used transmission in heavy cars for drag racing for many years. The gearbox's unparalleled strength is combined with an ability to.
  2. Performabuilt builds a 4L60E for 700whp for a 2002 camar
  3. 700R4 rebuild kit with torque converter. There are a lot of variables that come with choosing the proper torque converter for your application. If you are rebuilding a stock 700r4 transmission, than you should be fine just re-ordering a stock converter, or going with one that has the same stall speed as the car had from the factory
  4. Learn how to transform a GM 4L60-E, 4L65-E or 4L70-E into a top-tier performance transmission with Sonnax Level 3 build components. Plus, check out these bui..
  5. We've got one behind a 454 in a 35 foot motorhome, and I'm constantly amazed at how bulletproof it is! The 700R4 got a name change to the 4L60 to avoid all the bad press the early ones got. Back when I was building a bunch of those early units, the fix was to put the Corvette overdrive clutch assembly in them, the one with the deeper clutch.
  6. um to handle the rigors of driving power to all four wheels. This case for the 4×4 version is known as the K case. In order to properly identify the off four wheel drive 700R4, you'll first need to establish that you have one. After that just look for your K stamped real big on the.

You carry the most precise and updated parts to build the perfect 700R4 and the 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E. This includes the Smart-Tech Input drum one of my favorites and the Zip kits for a well-built bullet proof transmission. Thank you guys for supplying awesome quality performance parts. F. Gonzale Our Level build gets a hardened gear in the assembly, though. After the vavlebody is installed, all bolts are torqued to exact Gearstar specifications. Final installation of an extra-capacity heavy-duty cast aluminum pan puts the finishing touches on all Level 3 and 4 Gearstar performance transmission packages

Level 3 Performance Build For all extreme performance applications, above 450HP. The ultimate collection of 4L60/E upgrades for maximum strength, durability and quick shifts, including Smart-Tech ® parts to ensure trannies stay out of the shop. When installed in a 4L65-E or 4L70-E, a Sonnax Level 3 build delivers a big power tranny that not only exceeds the capabilities of the 650 ft-lb 4L75. Not only do we ship throughout the world, but we have a fully functioning shop in Alpharetta, GA where we are able to not only build you a bullet proof transmission we can also remove and replace them as well. Our specialties are the TH350, TH400, 4L60, 700R4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 6L80E, 6L90E and 2 Speed Powerglide transmissions Building your own 700R4, 4L60E including the 4L80E, from Heavy Duty to a Performance transmission, then these very complete rebuild kits from Heavy Duty to Pro Street Elite for the 700R4, 4L60E & 4L80E transmissions, are what you want and need The current 700r4 was installed about 20000 miles ago. It was purchased from Advance Auto Parts, built by Accurate Transmissions as their Bulletproof model with upgraded pump and clutchpacks and more, remanufactured for heavy duty 4x4 applications or Rv use. This is a 4x4 K case 700r4 transmission

The 700R4 was done at a local warehouse rebuilder. Nothing spectacular. I rode in the truck a couple of times before it was pulled. Anemic 1-2 shift nothing exciting. Late and early shifting, kind of sluggish. I figured that was that with a 700R4. I wasn't in love with the way the one in my 79 Camaro shifted either 700R4 Performance Specs. As mentioned, the 700R4 was a 4 speed automatic transmission. When the transmission was renamed to 4L60 in 1990, this naming convention provided a number of key characteristics about this transmission. The 4 indicates that it is a 4-speed transmission. The L denotes that the transmission is longitudinally positioned the weak spot in the th350 is the sprag assembly if you build or have it build make sure you go with the best aftermarket one you can buy. money well spent! I ran one years ago in my low 11 second bracket Nova and the intermmediate sprag is the weak link. High gear only burnouts made it last much longer

I'm getting ready to build the 700R4 that's going to go behind my 383 stroker - the engine should make around 425hp and 450 ft-lb of torque and I've got a 100 shot to throw at it if it doesn't make at least that :haha: Anyhow - I'm starting with a 1992 donor transmission and needing some.. I am looking to build an engine that I wouldn't be disappointed with performance or the price to get it done. I do plan on taking it to a machine shop for some work, would a bore be worth it? I plan on running 3 deuce carbs when it is all said and done with a 700r4 tranny with overdrive and 3.73 gears in the rear

Id like to build a bullet proof rear end and transmission. my engine is supercharge ready. But instead of starting from the front I plan on starting from the rear of the car and working my way to the front. this time. go get a doner rear end and transmission. already have a 700R4 shell, and buy a high end kits and put it together myself. Here at PerformaBuilt Transmissions, our goal is to engineer and build the toughest transmissions on the planet. We don't just rebuild transmissions. We systematically re-engineer each model to eliminate OEM flaws and to achieve the highest levels of performance The venerable Powerglide, long regarded as the bulletproof, go-to drag racing transmission, has slowly gained some company from the Turbo 400, as Nichols went on to tell us. Much of this has can be attributed to a strong push by manufacturers to satisfy the needs of ever-higher horsepower race cars over the last 3-4 years, with aftermarket. But, I still want to build a bulletproof tow rig and a Chassis of some sort to handle the mean stuff!!!:alc:. So I need to find a overdrive in the J10. If 5.7Gm/700R4/208 is best for that, that's what I'm shooting fore. I'm not sure abuot the axle retention but checkout Heimeken's rig. He had an NV4500 which had a 5.62 1st gear and the 5th gear. Short and sweet HEAT is the biggest enemy of ANY automatic transmission. That being said slapping the biggest cooler you can find on it will not suddenly make it bulletproof. Most uses the in radiator cooler in series with an external to bring the fluid temperature UP in cold weather. A 700r4 is basically a turbo400 with overdrive

Extreme C6 Transmission Build Up This is what the C6 Transmission looks like before we start to dismantle the unit and prepare it for the wash. The whole process from this stage to the final coat of paint will take three days while a standard unit can be built in one day It's even difficult to have a kit built into a 700R4 for less than what a new TCI or B&M sells for, and believe me, there aren't many places that want to build a high performance kit into a 700R4 because it's a nightmare. The ONLY reason to get a 700R4 is for the OD, and if you can live without it, then go for the TH400 For a bulletproof transmission we turned to Gearstar Performance Transmissions for their experience and reputation. Zack Farah, Gearstar's owner, got his start over 25 years ago at Tristar International where they were manufacturing upwards of 100 transmissions and 300 converters each day, but it was the racing and high-performance market. The 200-4R came behind the most powerful cars of the 80's (GN, TTA etc) and can be built up to handle huge amounts of power, so strength isn't an issue as long as you get someone who knows what they are doing to rebuild it. Anybody who tries to talk you into a TH350 or 700R4 simply doesn't know how to build a 200-4R properl k10swap.com specializes in unique parts to make your c10/k10 swap bulletproof. We are the only company with with a solution for you if you choose to retain your 700r4 and run DBW. Our bulletproof cooling fan package is simply the best for this application

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Build # Build Description; $4350: 400-5: Bare bones build: $4950: 400-5A: With Aluminum Drum upgrade: $6650: 400-5×210: With 2.10 gearset: $7250: 400-5Ax210: With Aluminum Drum and 2.10 gearset: Add $500: 400-5FRU: Fully rollerized upgrade (includes all thrust areas between drums, planetary sets, case, center support, and pump, and direct drum. MAD DOG TRANSMISSIONS 1025 Union Center Dr Suite E Alpharetta, GA 30004 Monday- Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (770) 781-094

The BIGGEST problem with the 4L60E is the huge lack of knowledge and qualified builders. There are too many builders out there who are promising things that are above their grade levels. This isn't a transmission you're going to build correctly, using an ATSG assembly manual or a YouTube video OK guys, need some opinions from those of you who have built 33's. I ordered my kit today. I am putting a SBC in mine. I have the propensity for overkill when it comes to motors. I am not used to a car this light. That being said, with a 3.29 8.8 rear, 18x10 rear wheels, and a 700R4..

The Chevy 235 inline 6 cylinder engine was first introduced in 1941 and was mainly used in large trucks. In 1950, GM decided to use the 235 in several of its automobiles that were going to have the new Powerglide automatic transmission Art Carr's California Performance Transmission, the Ultimate Source for 200 4R and 700R4 Products and Parts! Art Carr Transmission products are built to withstand up to 1,000 HP!So whether you're a hardcore racer, a muscle car fanatic or a street rod enthusiast, CPT'S complete selection of Art Carr 2004R and Art Carr 700R4 Transmissions, Torque Converters, Shifters and more will help you shift. He is going to build me a bulletproof 700r4 for my 69. He said to make it withstand up to about 650 hp will only cost 1600 bucks if I have a core. They do a LOT of mods to make it withstand the power. I will be running my 496 (whenever I actually get to it). He said if I get a dyno sheet, he will build a custom stall converter in house for $450 Master Repair Kit, Automatic Transmission, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L75E, Kit. Part Number: ATP-CMS2

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The 700R4 case requires an adapter behind non-Chevy blocks. It should be clear there's a pretty strong case—pun intended—for the 200-4R. Let's dig in and see how Art makes them live with big. The 350 is paired to a 700R4 overdrive transmission, so this C-10 should cruise for days without issue. While Chevrolet made a lot of these trucks, the appeal comes down to the condition and options. Since many were treated like the workhorses they are, the ones that escaped daily abuse and fitted with the right equipment will rise to the top. Jan 8, 2019 - Upgraded to the Red Waffle frictions, Kolene steels; HD Kevlar bands. $219.99 Free shipping So as I am looking into the horizon on my own build (M1010) changing the transmission is a must. I have read a lot of people doing the 4l80e and getting frustrated that it made me lean towards having a bulletproof 700r4 built. The 700r4 has a little better spread on the gearing but I like knowing that if I were to go the 4l80e route that it is. The bold section was the only reason I suggested the 4l80e, but the 700r4 would work also. The lower first gear, and OD will work great with that set up. My 700r4 with 3.73 and 33's work great together. 4.56 and 37's should be about the same. 4.56/37/700r4 @ 65 mph = 1884 rpm 3.73/33/700r4 @ 65 mph = 1728 rp

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ATI's Turbo 400 Drag Racing Transmission. Now available with the award winning ATI T400 SFI Certified SuperCase. 2 and 3 speed versions available with many gear set ratios to choose from. ATI has T400 street rod and drag race transmssions for vehicles making 600 horsepower to 3,000 horsepower After accidentally slamming my car into first gear going 60 i lost reverse so i built another temporary 350 and now im brainstorming the pros and cons of having a manual or an automatic. I could build a pretty bulletproof 700r4 or i could spend 4 times as much and throw a manual tranny into the thing. Any suggestions Gearstar Highlights - Building The Perfect 4L70E. Every transmission is a custom build to order by the same technician. Gearstar 4L70E is engineered to take up to 650 HP and 650 Lb./Ft. TQ (over 650 calls for 4L80E) 300mm input shaft and heavy duty input drum. Factory four-pinion planet carrier replaced with steel five-pinion planet for.

1983 Body mounted on 1990 chassis with TBI350 and a bullet proof 700R4 transmission. and 241 transfer case built by Greg High. All major rust in floors has been repaired, Custom rear bumper built with spare tire swing gate. I can build a matching front bumper for. 600 w/o winch mounting or 800 dollars with winch mounting ( winch not included 700R4 Transmission-Chevy 700R4 Level 3 700 Raptor $ 2795.00 Select options; 8L90 Transmission, Raybestos Number RGPZ-019 GPZ Clutch Module 2015-On (M5U). Upgrades Available Here $ 229.00 Select options; Derale 16831 High Output Dual 11″ Electric Radiator Fan / Aluminum Shroud Kit $ 330.00 Add to car technician wanting to build a manually shifted 4L60E. After a careful examina-tion of the hydraulic sche-matics and a valve body, I realized this modification would require a lot more effort than I originally thought. It was possible, but I needed more time. After several more calls requesting the same thing, I took this project an This is backed up by a 700R4 4 speed overdrive automatic. This car has seen many highway miles already and is a fully sorted bulletproof performer. If you are looking for a unique show winning custom street rod for less than half the price of her build look no further Here is your car! 1937 Ford Street Rod Convertible. Back Show Gallery. Pric

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I've had great luck with 700R4's and have good confidence that they would hold up to a Caddy, mostly because if you build your car right, the tires are going to be the weak link anyway, so instead of breaking things, you just spin tires. I Love the 700R4's because of their gear spacing and overdrive B&B after looking at the TH350 there is a 1 3/4 spacer between the tranny and t case adapter so this will save some work. Another concern I have is were the 700R came from a truck with throttle body do I need different linkage on the carb to work with the 700R or will the linkage already work, the reason I ask is a guy told me that the carb linkage was different for the TH350 compared to the. FUEL INJECTED L98, 700R4 TRANS, LOTS OF CREATURE COMFORTS, GREAT COLOR COMBO is available for a fraction of the cost of building your own and it's ready to go today! Traditional colors always work best, even if you're building a resto-mod or custom, and the Shoreline Beige over Copper Maroon combination on this '55 is simply jaw-dropping in. The interior has been updated with a gorgeous taupe color vinyl bench seat that is very inviting. Vintage Air keeps you cool while cruising those summer months along with heat for the colder days. Power is provided by the almighty Chevy 350cid V8 Crate Motor mated to a Bulletproof 700R4 Automatic Transmission

Does anyone know of a shop that rebuilds 700r4 trannys? Chris C. replied: I can build a bullet proof 700 r4 and chances are I can beat most guys prices 602 256 6801. Access freeway automotive If Mike answers let him know Chris sent you-1 View full conversation on Facebook Business? Create a profile. Fresh build 1966 Malibu Chevelle. Originally a 327 four speed car. Now has a bulletproof 406 sbc/700r4/12 bolt 4.10 posi under it. All hotchkis/eibach suspension. 4 wheel power disk brakes. Upgraded steering box. Vintage AC. Recent motor rebuild by Chad hammer of BRG. The best of the best, she's a beast. Receipts for 30K in work How to bulletproof your Pontiac's 10-bolt rearend and the 700R4's 0.70:1 overdrive fourth gear and lock-up converter only sweeten the economy and top-speed possibilities. In a performance car, the trick is to match everything together and get the premium performance in all areas. The basis of this article is to cover the installation. hello,i plan on taking my 700r4 transmission into the transmission shop. my question is what can i have done to make this tranny bullet proof? i also want it to shift very firm.also whats a good torque converter to use? my truck is a `86 305 4by4 half ton.i use it for work and trips to the.. Transmission - 350TH to 700R4 Swap - Hello all... I have a 1976 Chevy Impala Custom with a stock 350TH tranny. My 383 Stroker (est. 500hp) will be completed in a few weeks, and I would like to swap out the 350TH for a 700R4. Stock rear has been changed to a 8.5 10 bolt 3.73 POSI. Question 1: Can any one recommend a..

With the proper TV setup (using a pressure gauge) and a careful eye on trans temp/cooler this thing has been bulletproof. I'm not sure about what mods are needed for a 4x4 application but its been done before and parts should be out there. If I were to hate on the 700 I'd probably build a 400 rather than a 350 for HP application I just started the process of getting/building a 700R4. I just picked up a K case, four wheel drive, and of 1988 vintage. It will be going into a 1971 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser. I don't plan to wheel it hard, but I want the tranny to be built solid and as trouble free as possible. I plan for it to eventually be my DD Description. Before you buy a 700R4 / 4L60E transmission read this. Thin blue, red, high energy or brown clutches used with thin steels in the 700R4 / 4L60E 3-4 clutch pack will not hold up in a performance / heavy duty 700R4 transmission with over 400 horse power. The reason being the thin steel plates warp up from the extreme heat then the thin clutches burn up

We specialize in building the 4L80E for retrofit applications. If you have a 500+ HP musclecar, late model LSx powered car, or other combo that demands THE bulletproof trans, we can build it for you. We have more experience than any other aftermarket shop building 4L80E's. We have several upgrade options for the various stages of 4L80E You said a 700R4 transmission - might rethink that as well. They can be built to take a lot of horsepower (700 MegaRaptor for about $3000) - but a bullet proof TH400 is a lot less money. That said, if you go to say 4:11's, the OD on the 700R4 starts to make sense Slightly longer and heavier but you would get a fourth gear and you could get a controller box for the overdrive. 700r4 are weaker stock when compared to a th400 however when built they are bulletproof. I have one built to handle 11,000 lbs GVW Later models are bulletproof, especially the K case versions. What we don't like: Early model bugs, some overheating issues with mal-configured lock-up converter switches. What it came in / When it was available: The TH700R4 (a.k.a. 700R4, 4L60, and 4L60-E) was available from 1982 to current General Motors cars and trucks

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