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Honest & Affordable Car Brake Repairs. Call Us in Little Rock While this may sound contradictory in terms, review a couple of different scenarios of the same brake repair: Technician A inspects the car and gives a quote for replacing brake pads, servicing the calipers and machining the rotors; 1.3 hours of labor is applied to replacing the pads and servicing the calipers, while an additional hour is applied for machining each rotor

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Most shops tend to sell brake jobs and brake and rotor replacement at a package price. Most manufacturer's book time for a brake job is 2 hours per axle on almost all vehicles and that's usually used as a basis. Parts prices vary quite a bit The average brake job takes about an hour to perform. Depending on the shop's hourly labor rate, brake job labor can run from $80 at an independently owned shop to $140 at a dealer. Then there's the issue of the disc brake rotor condition or the condition of the brake drum. Do you need new rotors with every brake job A major labor guide, for example, quotes a brake inspection at 0.6 hours for a 2002 ­Toyota 4Runner. Replacing the front pads requires one hour. An on-car disc rotor refinish is 1.0 hours for both rotors

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Since 2008, RepairPal has provided Fair Price Estimates to millions of users. These estimates are developed by Master ASE Certified mechanics and based on both manufacturer and aftermarket parts. For labor pricing, we rely on labor guides and expert input. RepairPal is the leading source of estimates for Cars.com and Napa AutoCare Labor - 1 hour front, one hour rear pads. 1-1.5 hours for all four rotors. There could be add'l expense if the parking brake shoe, cables, etc. need service. NoelmMay 16, 2019, 12:06p

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Here you can find information about estimated brake pad replacement cost, how to know when you need new brake pads, how long do brake pads last on average, what does a worn brake pad sound like, how much is a front and rear brake job with parts and labor, where is the cheapest place to get brakes don Find the right labor time. fast. With thousands of possible repairs for commercial trucks, estimating labor times for your customers can be overwhelming. By utilizing our extensive database of thousands of common labor times, you can eliminate uncertainty and confidently provide your customers with accurate truck labor times

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  1. ants and air) Brake calipers and/or wheel cylinders installed; Lifetime warranty on labor* 12,000-mile/12-month warranty on drums and rotors* Lifetime warranty for brake disc pads, brake shoes, brake installation hardware, calipers and/or wheel cylinders and shoes
  2. Unfortunately, brake jobs are usually performed by technicians new to the job, leaving experienced mechanics to do the higher-level troubleshooting and repair of other truck systems
  3. Likewise, many 4WD and AWD cars have brake rotors that require more steps and time to remove, and ultimately cost more money in labor in doing so. Size and weight, plus the type of drive on a vehicle (2WD vs 4WD) plays a role in the type of materials the brake system needs as well as how long the brake repair job will take
  4. Brake work is one of the most important maintenance procedures you can have done on your vehicle, and it's something that's going to come up a few times over the vehicle's life cycle. So, how much should it cost to replace them? How Disc Brakes Work. To better understand what goes into the costs of a brake job, think for a moment about the principle of disc brakes
  5. Brake Services. If your brakes squeal or grind, grab causing jerky stops, or your warning light flashes it may be time for a free brake system inspection. Pep Boys has the best-in-class brake brands and experienced technicians to keep you stopping safely. 24 month / 24k mile labor warranty; Make an Appointment. Standard Brake Service
  6. Brake jobs are usually priced at anywhere from 1-2 hours per axle (sometimes 3 for the most comprehensive jobs) worth of labor based on a flat rate pay system. The costs can add up if you need both your front and back brakes repaired

Luckily, replacing your car's brake pads is a fairly straightforward procedure. Most shops can do it quickly, so you're looking at around $100-$150 in labor, depending on if you're doing. In terms of driving safety, brake repair is worth every minute and penny you have to spend! The braking system has several components that will eventually wear out over time, including the rotors, calipers, pads, discs, hoses, and drums. However, there are three main brake components that generally require the most attention How many hours of labor do you estimate for fixing new rotors and brakes plus replacing the brake fluid and bleeding the system? Most shops won't install customer parts because they can't warranty the parts and want to avoid customer lawsuits because if the part fails many people want to blame the shop that installed the parts The only accurate area on this bill is the brakes, but basing the shop on labor rate of $100/hr, that's high. To do a full rebuild on the axle, that's correct. What I mean is to do shims, bushings, s-cam, all of it

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  1. Installing new brake rotors (such as these lightweight 2-piece units) is an opportune time to replace the calipers as well. Our article How To Replace Disc Brake Pads will help walk you through the steps of detaching a brake caliper from its mounting bracket, and how to lubricate sliding caliper pins
  2. This allows drivers to apply moderate pressure on the brake pedal when stopping, but creates tremendous pressure applied at the wheel cylinders. A car can then stop quickly even at high speeds. Depending on how much force is applied to the brake pedal, the pressure in a car's brake lines will typically be in the range of 800 PSI to 2,000 PSI
  3. All of this for a grand total of $1060! WTF Toyota. Brake pads were $69 for each set, not to bad, but the brake fluid charge was $82, the turning of the rotors was $120, and the rest was labor. Same work using Toyota brake pads was less than $400 at a independent shop. Was told that Toyota service advisers work on commission

A proper brake job has significantly more steps and there was a time where all shops had a lathe to true even a brand new rotor before installation. I still stand behind the method I referenced. It's worked well for many a DIYer minimizing time, cost and complexity with proper and desirable brake performance much more often than not The pads rub on the brake disk to stop your car, so worn pads are the first part to check if you are experiencing any braking problems. A full inspection though will show underlying problems, as well as what can be repaired and what needs replaced. Brake pad replacement is the most common repair job for automotive brake systems Truck Labor Estimating. The TruckLabor module in TruckSeries helps service professionals estimate commercial truck repair times faster and easier than ever before. You'll find everything you need to estimate a job in a few clicks, saving time and getting more trucks through your repair shop faster Most of the time lower mileage cars can get a regular brake job done for about 195-225.00.that's for factory brake pads not aftermarket junk that squeaks !!! Per axle. However, if your Vehicle requires rotors,brake fluid replacement,bearing repack,or hydraulic part replacement that it will cost more You don't say what make , model and year. You don't mention what service was performed. Front only?...front and rear?...brake lines?...bleeding? Front only? What car? Do you have captured rotors ? Drums or discs at the rear? Parking brake shoes in..

A rear drum brake will cost even more for repair or replacement. It's because the process involves more parts, such as brake shoes, brake drums, and rear brake hardware. A drum brake replacement is more labor-intensive than replacing a disk brake system. This job can cost around $200 to $300 more on average It gets a matrixed labor rate at a higher scale since no profit on parts is being made. 1.25-1.5x labor rate. It's euro, so it gets more labor. Nothing less than 1.5hrs per axle. Have to unplug and route the new wear sensors, and if it has the electric rear parking brakes, you must retract the motors prior to compressing caliper pistons Any of these symptoms are bad news and mean that you should get in for a brake job (or at least a brake inspection) ASAP. On many vehicles, you can get a look at the brake pads without removing the wheels; when the friction material on the pads reaches about 1/4-inch thickness, it's time to replace them before they wear any further As this is a free service it receives an overwhelming amount of requests and may take up to a week or longer for a response. Free auto repair estimates request form Here, for the auto repair estimate you want (ex. timing belt). We will provide you with a basic labor estimate in an email that can be viewed, saved or printed for future use Find your Chilton labor guide, auto labor guide and automotive labor guide on Chilton Online for Professionals

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  1. Brake Repair - to all parts of your brake system, from the power brake booster to the parking brake assembly. Whether you suspect a brake problem (thanks to your brake light, brake pedal, or a suspicious leak), or you've just hit your vehicle's recommended service interval, start by requesting a brake service appointment
  2. This repair is slightly more labor-intensive than disc brakes, so the labor time goes up a bit here. Rear drum brake jobs are normally in the area of $250-$350, on average. Any other parts that may need replaced in a brake job are normally outside the realm of normal repair, meaning something wore out that doesn't usually do so
  3. • The flat-rate labor guide shows the time to remove and replace brake pads (front or rear) is 1.0-hr. This includes cleaning and lube/replace brake hardware and adjusting brake where necessary. • The labor to refinish rotor surfaces OR replace rotors with new parts is .75-hr
  4. Replacing the iron brake drums is expensive as there is a significant amount of labor involved, and the parts themselves will cost on average $100. The full brake drum replacement cost averages between $250 and $350. The price may vary, as front and rear drum brake replacement costs will involve different parts and labor times
  5. Explore Real-time Labor Guide. You use a labor guide every day - whether it's a book, computer program, or just what's in your head from past jobs. Sometimes those times are way off the mark. Our labor guide is accurate, inexpensive, and takes lots of factors into account like experience with the job, specialty tools needed, and vehicle.
  6. How much it will cost for a major brake job including parts & labor for Brake Pad, Rotors,Calipers ? The mechanic told me to replace Front: 1 Break Pad, 2 Rotors, 2 Calipers, 2 Anti Ratlle Clips Rear 1 Pad , 2 Rotors I would like to know costs for labor and parts if possible
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Avoid brake job rip-offs. Get a good brake job and save up to $1,000 over the life you your car or truck. Stop on a dime with three simple components. The exploded photo shows the caliper (the squeezing machine), the brake pads (the friction material), and the rotor (the part that gets squeezed. Dealer mechanic gold, Customer Paid Labor, a non warranty repair that the customer will pay for, the gravy work. And in this category is brake repairs. If you want to see a dog fight at your dealership go into the shop after you drop off your car for a brake job

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That's why Tires Plus offers reliable, professional brake repair services — so you can drive with confidence, knowing that your brakes are ready to do their job. Whether you need a brake repair, brake pad replacement, or a quote for a brake repair cost, stop by your nearest Tires Plus today The base labor time will be one flat-rate hour, which is the average aftermarket labor guide repair time for ­replacing brake pads on an older model compact SUV platform. Think of the pads, caliper, rotor and hose as integral parts of the brake assembly to help boost sales and customer satisfaction Just spent $1100 at the dealer for OEM pads & rotors & labor. (front & rear) I had a bad experience with non-OEM brake parts & labor on our LR3. I saved about $500 initially then spent $400 to replace the parking brake shoes that are inside the rear rotors Forklift Brake Jobs? With Doosan's Oil-Cooled Disc Brake system you avoid the needless frustration & costs! Save Time & Money With Doosan's Exclusive Oil- Cooled Disc Brake (ODB) system. 6 hours of labor at $105 per hour . $630 . $0 . Total brake job cost : $1,215 . $0 : Average number of brake jobs in 5 years . X3 Doing the brake job, such as replacing brake pads or resurfacing brake rotors, is not the first step, not even the second step. After test driving and localizing the problem, more inspection is needed to positively identify the root cause of the problem. Will this take more time than simply slapping new parts onto the vehicle

Brake pads are pretty basic on this car..all you need is a 22mm socket ($6) and about 1.5 hours. Plenty of YouTube videos on brake jobs for this car... it is just like any other car when it comes to brake pad replacement. If you don't want to bother with the labor yourself, expect to spend ~$200ish for a shop to do it Brake Press Operator Job ID 57272 PAY: $17.00 to $20.00 DOE Shift: 8:00am to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. Overtime as needed, could be working 50 hr week. JOB DESCRIPTION: Brake Press Operator. Will be. If you finish the job and the brake pedal doesn't feel quite right, or you notice a squeal, grinding or squeaking noise when you drive your car, you may find yourself needing to start all over. The rear brakes on a F-53 Ford (year 2000)do wear much faster than the front. Had to replace my rears 1st time at 65k miles. Fronts were good. Fronts required replacement at 90k. While in shop for other repairs recently rear brakes were found at less than 5% remaining at 110k - fronts still very good. Estimate was up to $700 if rotors needed.

Shoddy reassembly is a common reason cars have to come back to the shop following a brake job. Disc Brake Caliper Assembly. A better option is replacing all the brake components with a unit made to your vehicle's original specifications. This heads off any problem with other parts wearing out before your next brake pad job But I got the OEM Brembos. I might try the cheaper ones next time around. Hopefully a long time from now. 2018 Stelvio Ti Q4 forcing most people to pay for labor. After retracting the calipers in the infotainment system the brake job is simple like fronts. For those not with no History of brake jobs under their belt, an education pleas

Cost $765. total for all the shoes, spring kits and drums. Did it myself took 2 days but i sanded and painted the frame also and put new shocks on. Can get relined from $45 to $65 a kit but for me they only last about half the time as the new ones do. If you have a shop of dealer around here do the work labor rates are between $95 and $130. an. The ideal brake job consists of quality brake pads--don't go cheap on the components since you're saving money on labor if you're doing it yourself. Mid-grade brake rotors or even high-grade will be better then low-balling price on the rotors As mentioned, you should expect to pay around $150 to $200 for your steel brake line repair. The brake line cost of just the parts is usually between $30 and $50, with the rest of the cost being the labor involved. This range is the same for the cost to replace the rear and front brake lines Because brakes have such a tough job, they wear down over time and will need to be repaired. Our service includes check of drums, mounting hardware, rotors, pads, shoes, hydraulics, cables and brake fluid Brake pedal pulsation or vehicle vibration. Over time, brake rotors may develop excessive thickness variation (>.001 inches), excessive runout on the wheel hub (> .002 inches), or the brake rotor may warp due to high operating temperatures. If these defects exist, you may notice pulsation in the brake pedal or steering wheel during braking

15,538 Brake Jobs Found. Create Job Alert. Get similar jobs sent to your email Press Brake Operator Position Summary OPEX Corporation is looking to hire a full time Press Brake Operator to work in our production setting at our Pennsauken, NJ location. This page uses military occupational specialty codes from the O*NET 25.0 Database by. don't waste money turning the rotors as new ones are very inexpensive. if only pads front and rear check parts prices at rockauto.com and then add the labor charge for perhaps 2 hours. after that.. Regardless of the brake services you need, a complete brake job at Brakes 4 Less starts with a full inspection of your vehicle's braking system. This lets the mechanic know what parts will be needed and in what sequence to perform the brake job. Oftentimes, rotors and drums will need to be resurfaced and brake fluid changed out for fresh fluid Hello, 2008- 3500- 6.7 dually with around 110,000 miles, lots of towing. I needed new pads and rotors for the rear of my truck. I called around and found the going price was around $1,300.00 Then on a whim I decided to call Pep Boys here in Albuquerque. Their price was half the others.. Brake job. RIchgpilot_98061930. (including CA tax and CA labor rate), and that I won't have the privilege of paying that because the rotors don't last 4 months, let alone a year. So one time I asked Service to check the suspension components as a loose something could contribute to the problem. So they re-torqued the front suspension.

Find out what works well at Brake Check from the people who know best. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team's work-life balance. Uncover why Brake Check is the best company for you Complete Brake Pads & Rotors Cost Guide - Axle Advisor. Posted: (7 days ago) A complete brake repair job for one wheel including pad replacement, new calipers, rotors and labor can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on the factors discussed in the next section. If all top-of-the-line parts need to be replaced, this can easily inflate to $1000+

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  1. Les Schwab Brake Job - overpriced to the tune of $700 per axle Introduction Machining rotors costs from $20 to $50 a pair and uses labor time, training, machine wear and tear. The new rotors they quoted me were $179 for two. The cost on Amazon? $64 for two! Which puts them in the realm of cheaper rotors
  2. If you did replace the rotors and you did this job yourself it would take you 3-4 hours start to finish especially if it is your first time. Parts without new rotors would run you $100. So you're paying $300 for labor which while it seems like a ripoff it seems pretty fair for a dealership. You could probably save $100 by taking it to a indy shop
  3. When a front brake job is done on a vehicle with a floating rotor (what I call a slap on rotor) the labor is the same for that as doing a brake job when there is an inner and outer bearing to repack. ie. we don't change any extra for the removal or replacement of wheel seals or repacking the bearings
  4. 121 Automotive Brake Technician jobs available in Humble, TX on Indeed.com. Apply to Automotive Technician, Automotive Mechanic, Lube Technician and more
  5. Press Brake Operator JOB SUMMARY Program, set up and operate 175 ton Cincinnati press brake with automec 1000 back gauge using blueprints/specifications. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - Con..
  6. Easy 1-Click Apply (US TECH FORCE - GREEN BAY) Brake Press Operator job in Green Bay, WI. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications. See if you qualify
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The guide does not even list a two-wheel brake job. All four wheels are listed at 2.6 hours. I would expect two wheels to take about 1.5 hours. That includes scrubbing and lubricating the calipers where the pads contact them, cleaning and lubricating the caliper mounts, and lubricating the hub-to-rotor contact points For instance. If a mechanic is given a brake job to do and the time on job is 2 hours. If he gets it done in 1/2 hour he still gets paid for 2 hours time. If he does 3 brake jobs in 2 hours he gets paid for 6 hours. This is what dealership mechanics have told me and as far as I know it's always been like that If you are an employee who works more than 6 hours starting any time between 1 PM and 6 AM, you are entitled to a mid-shift 45 minute unpaid meal break according to NY labor laws about breaks. Factory workers receive special treatment in New York labor laws about breaks—instead of the 45 minute break, they are entitled to a full hour Brakes Forever Better packages include ceramic brake pads/shoes and a 12-month/12,000-mile labor warranty. Brakes Forever Best packages include ceramic brake pads/shoes and a 24-month/24,000-mile labor warranty. Lifetime warranty on disc pads and shoes. If needed, we will replace your worn brake pads/shoes for free, as long as you own your vehicle Front brake jobs -- $114 for labor (average) Back brake jobs -- $136 for labor ( average) If you call them and insist on getting an estimate for your make and model it could save you some time

OEM pads will usually outlast the aftermarket ones too, at least on Fords. On my old Toyota Supra the OEM's were better than anything else I tried. I would steer clear of the brake job chains, those $99.00 brake jobs turn into $700.00+ by the time they get done selling you stuff you don't need I did a rear brake job on my Accord a couple nights ago. Took about 3 hours with oddly enough, an inordinate amount of time removing two machine head screws that to my knowledge, serve no purpose other than to hold things in place during line manufacturing Brake fluid will absorb water over time, causing the brake system to become less effective and the fluid to become corrosive, possibly damaging the system. This services want to make you get the best life out of vehicle brake pads, and It is important to perform a brake fluid flush regularly, when you do brake repair, to use fresh fluid

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Basic Services: Labor Only $80.00 (You provide brakes and we come to you) Brakes & Labor $150.00 This includes 1 complete axle (right and left) (Some cars will not qualify for the $140.) Front and rear, pads and labor $225 Rotor replacement $30.00 & up We also offer pre-smog check engine light service with report $39 It is time to do a brake job on the rear of the truck. Although I'm not the most experienced at this, I have done a few brake jobs on other vehicles in the distant past, and I'm hoping to tackle this myself. I will talk to the people in the auto parts store and spend time in YouTube looking around for information Brakes Forever Best packages include ceramic brake pads/shoes and a 24-month/24,000-mile labor warranty. Lifetime warranty on disc pads and shoes. If needed, we will replace your worn brake pads/shoes for free, as long as you own your vehicle. All you pay for is the labor. Additional charges may apply Average Costs. According to Repair Pal, labor costs for larger brake jobs such as a rotor replacement are around $160-$200.Parts and materials for this job and other similar jobs are usually priced between $250-$360. So overall, a brake job can cost you anywhere from $400-$600 depending on a wide variety of factors This seems crazy expensive! Pads should be about $60 per set, resurface rotors, $15 per, that leaves $400 for labor plus they said they replaced the seals, those cant be that expensive.?. What should a front brake job with repack go for

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Disc Brake Jobs Per Year OPTION Labor Time - Hour(s) per Axle Disc Brake Repair - Hours Annually OPTION Using Pro-Cut - Decrease Labor Time per Axle in Minutes Using Pro-Cut - Additional Hours Gained for Brake Repair Brake Job Average ($) Yearly Additional Sales Dollars on Time Saved with Pro-Cut Pro-Cut Increases Revenue Stream. We recommend replacing your brake calipers as part of doing a complete brake job. Over time, the square cut rubber seals on the caliper pistons harden and lose their elasticity, causing the seals to leak. Rust, corrosion, and brake dust on the caliper piston can also accelerate seal wear The point here is components in the brake system wear at different rates which cannot be predicted by time or mileage alone. That's why a thorough inspection of the entire brake system is so important any time brake work is needed, or any time the brakes are experiencing a problem (noise, pulling, dragging, soft pedal, etc.)

In addition, our auto brakes mechanics are extremely knowledgeable and have decades of experience in servicing brakes. This increases efficiency and turnaround time so we can service many, many vehicles! Here at Brakes 4 Less, we promise that you will save time and money while getting the highest quality brake service possible. If you're in. BRAKE PADS Disc brakes use brake pads, which clamp together on a spinning disc (called a rotor) to slow the wheel, much like the braking mechanism on a bicycle.Unlike brake shoes, brake pads often come in a variety of materials to suit your vehicle's braking needs and driving style Cheap Brakes = Cheap Result Most factory labor times call for 0.9 hours to just replace the pads. To replace a rotor is about 0.2 to 0.4 hours depending on the vehicle. According to the most recent Brake & Front End Shop Profile, the average labor rate is $72 per hour

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Beaufort, SC 2433 Boundary Street Beaufort, South Carolina 29906 (843) 379-3880 . info@brakesforless.ne Well, here is my accumulated hours for brake replacement: Left front: 3 hours. Right front: 25 minutes. Now it's time to take on the rear brakes. Apparently one nice thing about owning a GMC, the parts are expensive as heck. All said and done I'm gonna have about $350.00 in parts. Comared to $700.00 at the shop, I'll take it In today's age and time, you will find plenty of information on how to do a job of this nature on your own. Obviously, this will save you the labor expenses. Although brake fluid doesn't cost a lot, if you research well enough, you might be able to get the fluid at a lower price Brakes are made of materials and components that wear down over time and they need to be inspected, repaired or replaced on a routine basis. When brake inspections and maintenance are overlooked, it can lead to costlier repairs and replacements, as well as a dangerous inability to stop your vehicle

The average hourly pay for a Press Brake Operator is $17.12. Visit PayScale to research press brake operator hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more Getting the job done right the first time and charging the cheapest labor rate in town, the guys at Kendall's Service can take care of any make and model of car with the ability to address a multitude of issues. The job is guaranteed, with a one-year labor warranty and a one-year warranty on parts supplied by Kendall's Tesla Model S Brake Job. If you're servicing the brakes or suspension system, you do not need fancy orange gloves or insulated tools. Advertisement . By. Andrew Markel. on. Jan 15, 2020. Electric cars are nothing new to Brake & Front End readers. By the time the magazine was first published in 1931, the Anderson Electric Car Company had been. I just did the front brakes on my 99 Mustang GT due to a stuck caliper. I got my Power Stop rotors turned for $40 and installed new (remanufactured) Centric calipers and ceramic pads, new braided lines and replaced both of the hubs for $325 total cost! Here is a link to some video's for the job - Frontier Brake job Ford Brake Job Coupons - 03/2021 - Couponxoo.com. COUPON (4 days ago) To apply a ford brake job coupons coupon, all you have to do is to copy the related code from CouponXoo to your clipboard and apply it while checking out. Note: Some results of ford brake job coupons only suit for specific products, so make sure all the . Category: Coupon, View More Coupon

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This is often a labor-intensive process. If you or your shop has access to an on-the-car brake lathe, you could machine the rotors right on the vehicle without removing them if there was enough metal left. Early 90s Honda Accords are a good example of a vehicle with captive rotors There was a time in America when you either did it right or you didn't do it at all. Your work was your reputation. Character was forged from a solid job well done — again and again. At Tuffy ® Tire & Auto Service Center, we still do things the old-fashioned way. The right way It's time to do the front end brake job on my 08' 328I, I have called around to a few Euro Car shops in the Houston area to get some estimates. The estimates I have recieved are based on OEM pads, rotors and sensors. Since this is the first time for me to have this service done, I was wondering if the prices are fair and in the right ballpark Rear Brake Pads 48.42 Rear Brake Rotors 115.00 591.96 then 13 percent tax 668.91 seems like a lot but i use these really great rotors for ontario. they are electro-coated and do not rust which saves your brakes

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Real-Time Labor Guide Pricing. Real-Time Labor Guide is simple to use, easy to set up and very cost-effective. How do we know? Our customers tell us all the time. Only $12.50 per month per user! The Real-Time Labor Guide has become a world-class leader in real-world mechanical labor times Dreyer & Reinbold BMW South 1301 South U.S. 31, Greenwood, IN Service: 833-329-060

Find Press Brake jobs in Houston, TX. Search for full time or part time employment opportunities on Jobs2Careers Job posted 23 days ago - Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC, is looking for a HR Administrator, apply today and get your next job at . HR Administrator Job in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila - Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC Your brake system is the most important safety feature on your car. That's why it is important to make sure that you have the parts, tools, and knowledge to do the job right. Check out our auto brakes articles below and learn everything you need to know Perform routine vehicle maintenance - Oil changes, brake jobs, fluid services etc. Use diagnostic tools to test vehicle components. We have dealer level diagnostic equipment. Must be technologically inclined. We have labor guide to look up diagnostics, and also have laptop to program GM/Ford vehicles

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