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Select the iPod's name in the iTunes source pane under the Devices section. Select the triangle next to the iPod's name to see its playlists and other content. Select Music to reveal a list of songs on the iPod. Select an item in the iPod's song list and then select the iTunes Play button You can control the volume from the iPod by using the scroll wheel, or from an iPod shuffle by using the volume control. This controls the volume of the signal from the iPod. Stereo systems typically have their own volume control to raise or lower the volume of the amplified speakers How To: Remove the speaker assembly from an Apple iPad 3G How To: Play music on an Apple iPad with the iPod application How To: Play iPod Video on a TV How To: Use the iPod app on an Apple iPad How To: Hack a Bluetooth with ibluenova App for iPhone & iPod touc To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your home stereo you just need a 3.5mm to RCA cable like this cable above. The two RCA connectors plug into the back of your stereo and the 3.5mm plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone. Pretty much every stereo available has RCA inputs as the standard inputs on the back The iPod Shuffle is built for you to clip onto your jacket, purse or pocket and carry with you wherever you go. Its portability doesn't end there; you can also play your Shuffle through stereo speakers in your house, car or outdoors. Purchase a cassette tape car kit

Get a cable with a miniplug connector on both ends (sometimes called a patch cable) and connect the iPod's headphone jack to the line in on your soundcard. Then open up the volume screen in Windows, enable the line input (go to the Recording volumes screen), and turn the line input volume up The type of stereo iPod adapter you get will depend on your car's make and model, and it's best to consult your manual to make the best choice. Step 2: Replace factory radio with iPod adapter. Remove your vehicle's factory radio and install an iPod adapter in its place. Step 3: Adjust the settings on your radio panel. You should be able. Press your device home button and open up the iOS Settings app, then select Bluetooth Select your Alexa device from the list with the same same that was displayed in your Alexa app. Once paired, you can go ahead and close both the Settings app and the Alexa app

Connecting an ipod enables you to enjoy music from the vehicle speakers. Select ipod on the audio source selection screen. When the ipod connected to the system includes ipod video, the system can only output the sound by selecting the browse screen 1. Connect the iPod to laptop via Bluetooth. 2. Opening the Bluetooth settings in the control panel, after the computer has seen your iPod it will come out as a audio device, click on it and go into its properties

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  1. You can plug an iPod or MP3 player into the amp of most stereo systems by using a standard auxiliary cable and an adapter. An amp serves to amplify the sound signal from your portable media player for broadcasting on a stereo system. Part 1 Setting Up Your Equipment Download Articl
  2. If you own an iPod, but your car isn't quite iPod-ready, and you're still wondering about the best way to play your favorite tunes through your car's speakers, there are several options. Some of them are a little outdated, and most of these are gradually being replaced by newer, more seamless technology, but they're still worth discussing
  3. We demonstrate how to connect/pair your Bluetooth enabled mobile device to the Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker. Buy the Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile..

To open Control Center on your iOS or iPadOS device, do one of the following: On an iPhone with Face ID or on an iPad: Swipe down from the top-right edge. On an iPhone or iPod touch with a Home button: Swipe up from the bottom. Tap the audio card, tap , then select one or more HomePod speakers.. To play audio from other devices that support AirPlay 2, see the documentation for that device for. It may turn on by itself when it is. It probably doesn't need to be playing when you plug it in. Often, stereos that play iPods have to be in iPod Mode before they will play the iPod (sort of like CD Mode or the like), so make sure it is if it has this feature

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How to Set Up AirPlay with Sonos Speakers In order to use AirPlay with Sonos, you will have to first connect an AirPort Express to a line-in port on a PLAY:5 (gen1 or gen2), CONNECT or CONNECT AMP. Besides, you need to configure the AirPort Express and Sonos as well Solution 2. Play Apple Music through Sonos via AirPlay. The support for Apple's AirPlay 2 on Sonos speakers has made it much easier to use Apple Music on Sonos. With AirPlay 2 support, you'll be able to use a Sonos speaker in conjunction with Apple's own HomePod in a multi-room audio setup. Here's how to set everything up on iPhone or iPad and Mac

JBL Flip 2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker: We currently listen to music that is on our iPhone and iPod through our JBL Bluetooth JBL speaker. We also have music on a USB that we play in the car or through the laptop. How can we hear the music on the USB through our new JBL Bluetooth speaker Many thanks Michell Apple's seamless combination of hardware and iTunes software offers a quick and easy way of building up a collection of tunes, but you won't have much fun listening to it through your iPad's speakers On an iPhone or iPod touch with a Home button: Swipe up from the bottom. Tap the audio card, tap, then select one or more HomePod speakers. To play audio from other devices that support AirPlay 2, see the documentation for that device for details about selecting an audio destination. Require a password to play audio on HomePo

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Connecting Your iPod to Your Stereo The easiest way to connect your iPod to an external speaker is by buying a headphone-jack-to-RCA audio cable from an electronics store such as RadioShack. Plug the cable into your iPod headphone jack (or your iPod dock if you have one) and then plug the RCA audio jacks into your stereo receiver Select the AirPlay device you want the music or video to play through in this menu (you can select more than one device at the same time). Then begin playing music or video and you'll hear it playing through the device you selected. SYDNEY CBD REPAIR CENTRE IS OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Weekdays: 10am - 6p

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Hello, i have one of the video ipods. 5th generation i think, not to sure though. when i play it it will play both out of the ipod its self and the headphones attached, and when i try to put on the radio it says that the headphones aren't connected, even though they are connected to the ipod fully. i have tried different headphones, just in case it was a fault of the headphones, and yes i have. radio transmitters for iPod suck. Listen to Dale. In order to make an iPod play on speakers you need to amplify the signal. This can be done by connecting it to a clock radio with speakers and an input jack or by purchasing speakers for an iPod or computer that have an amplifier built in or by connecting the iPod to a stereo receiver or amplifier then hooking the output of the amplifier to. The first option for listening to your portable player in your living room is to connect it to an audio docking system. These are systems that include a built-in amplifier and a pair of speakers; slide your player into the dock, and it will play through the docking system's speakers How to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your car . Learn how to connect your device to your car stereo. Connect using CarPlay. Available on select cars, CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. If you can't play audio from a third-party app, contact the app developer for help

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  1. Music and phone calls will come through your car's speakers, but you will have to pick up the iPhone or iPod to select or control music playback. Using this method, it works best to start a long..
  2. I have a '91 Honda Accord lx and my brother took out the original radio, wanting to install a newer/better radio. He got a friend to take the old radio out and the friend butchered the wires. Unable to install a new radio, I have been using portable Ipod speakers to play music. Is there any way I can hook up my Ipod (maybe by cigarette lighter?) to play through the speakers with out a radio
  3. Mini Portable Speaker, 3W Mobile Phone Speaker Line-in Speaker with Clear Bass 3.5mm AUX Audio Interface, Plug and Play for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet, Smartphone 3.9 out of 5 stars 190 $15.99 $ 15 . 9
  4. al. Here's Ryan connecting the first new line of wire to the speaker
  5. Make sure you are using a 3.5mm aux cord (Amazon). Connect one end of the cord to a compatible Echo device. Connect the other end to your audio output device. Play music or other audio from the second device to start listening to it through your Echo
  6. You can connect your iPod to the back of your Bose Wave Music System via the AUX connector. You will need an 1/8 to 1/8 stereo wire connector to do this. Simply connect one side of the 1/8 connection to the headphone jack on your iPod and the other side to the AUX connection on the back of the Bose system
  7. Tap the Bluetooth device you want to pair. Enter PIN wich will either be 0000 or 1234 Once the pairing is completed, you should be able to play music from your phone. Upon installation of the Bluetooth adapter, you will be able to stream music from the following devices

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Connecting an iPod or any other MP3 player to a Bose is very simple. You will need an 1/8 inch mini (3.5mm) to stereo RCA cable such as the Monster iCable for iPod. Plug the 1/8 mini jack into the headphone jack of your iPod or MP3 player. Plug the red and white RCA's in to the AUX input of the Bose . Select the AUX input on the Bose I have not worked with Sonos yet. But from what you can read on their website, this is how it works: You can connect any device. All you have to do is to connect the speakers to your home wireless system as you can see on their website. In fact th.. With Music from Apple, there is much less flexibility - if you have an iPod or iPhone, you can only really stream via Bluetooth (and only one Dot at a time, won't support multi-room). The other option is the Sonos Play or One - this product creates its own network that the speakers all share, which supports Apple Music and Alexa How to Play iPod Music on A Computer. Q: I have an intimate friend, we love to listen to music while chatting. I like collecting music so that when i visit her, we can share those music. Absolutely, I will bring my iPod to her house and want to play iPod music through her computer speakers or computer-connected stereo Can you play the new nano FM radio through these speakers? I ask because it says you have to have the headphones attached to get the FM radio to work (as the wire to the headphones is the FM antenna) so I am assuming this means that if you plug the nano into the B&W speakers (or indeed any other docking station speakers) that you wont be able to hear the radio over them

My Pod is a simple way to play individual albums or playlists through Alexa using links to Google Drive folders with MP3 and AAC music files in them. consider investing in a different speaker. My iPhone 4S has a really good quality ear speaker. Basically you background play any music through anything (e.g. music/iPod/iTunes/Safari) and then open up a specialized app, and the music is routed through the EAR SPEAKER/EARPIECE and hold the phone to your ear as if you're on a call, rather than using the speaker or headphones 15 matches. ($16.64 - $199.99) Find great deals on the latest styles of Play ipod through home stereo wireless. Compare prices & save money on MP3 Player Accessories Follow these steps if the iPod® or iPhone® mobile device won't play or stops playing back when connected to your car stereo. Before You Start. Make sure the mobile device is compatible with your car stereo. Check your manual for the compatibility list. Manuals are posted on your model support page

Note that each speaker can only be part of a single group. 5. To remove a speaker from a group, select its group under Speaker Groups in the Smart Home Control tab. Click Unpair Speaker System. 6 5. iPod 30 Pin Adapter. This is how to play music from phone to car if you have a car that comes with an iPod 30 pin adapter. Some interfaces connect with the cable of 30 pin adapter and help you to link your iPad and iPhone through Bluetooth. The iPod adapter produces a better audio quality than an FM transmitter Life with Sonos Wireless speakers 4006 Components 3184 Controllers & software 6523 Home theater 7501 Music services and sources 6954 Music, culture & the industry 307 Advanced & troubleshooting Troubleshooting 21187 Advanced setups 173 Windows expert Ed Bott finds a useful feature in Windows 7: you can play an external audio device through your computer's speakers without any extra software using a simple configuration setting.. To activate the setting, you'll need to plug the device into the Line In or microphone jacks, head to the Sounds panel, and then find the new Listen tab under the input jack I got a krk rokit 5 but I cant seem to figure out how to play my ipod through them. I tried using a female 1/8 to 1/4 inch into the balanced TRS input but it sounds off so I know I'm doing something wrong with the cables. Any help? Thanks. edit: can't really figure this out because the two..

The phone was the device i was trying to play when i discovered there was no sound through the speakers, so yes, it is the phone. Ipod worked fine through the system this morning. This system isnt specifically made to work only with Apple products is it the phone plays all audio through the speaker, until i want to play the radio - when of course i have to plug head phones in & then the only audio comes out of the headphones & it disconnects from the bluetooth speaker i dont want to buy a new stereo but i want to play my ipod through the car speakers what do i need to buy to get it to play through the lighter. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. conejote_99. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. impossible the lighter is power for the cigarette lither or to plug your cellphone, gps To play a song on your Sonos speakers, all you have to do is pick a room, pick a song, and press play. 1. Download And Install The Sonos App. How to play my iTunes music on Sonos speakers through the Sonos App? In the past, I could tap Browse and On this Phone appeared. That doesn't appear now

The holy grail for me however, is finding a way to connect my iPod to my Echo and Dot and use Alexa voice controls to play music by song, artist, album, playlist, genre, etc., tell it to. (1) Play music on your sender device. (2) And stream to your receiver! I found that controlling music playing on my iPad (or old iPod touch) connected to some speakers from my iPhone was ideal, especially when I'm walking around my apartment, blasting music, and wanting to change songs or artists Lightning Review: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Speaker System Gets Sound To Every Room Cheaply And Easily. The Gadget: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Wireless Speaker system, which has one base unit that can.

If you want to play music from your iPhone or iPad through a speaker, any of Amazon's Alexa devices can be used as one. All you have to do is pair your iPhone or iPad with an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap and voilà, you have yourself a speaker. It doesn't have to be your Amazon device and you don't need the Alexa app either. Here's how to do it: First you need to pair your iPhone with the. Step 2. Connect your mobile device and speaker or display. If your speaker or display is paired with multiple mobile devices, it connects to the most recently paired device. Learn how to check which mobile devices are connected to your speaker or display Okay, none of these answers are helping me at all. I've been experiencing the same problem with my iPod. It's the one with the camera in the back. When I plug in earphones, the sound plays through both the speakers and the earphones. When I turn the volume all the way down to zero, the music still comes out the earphones at full blast and not the speakers; but when I turn up the volume, the.

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£15 Ricco iPod Docking Station With Speaker - Get It!: MusicMan Rechargeable CD Player iPod Dock. The CD player iPod dock delivers with a new construct to enjoy transportable stereo system acoustics, so just link-up your MP3 music player, compact disc, video disc, iPod in addition to iPhone, PSP, smart phone, personal computer, laptop, TF memory card adequate to 32 GB If you own a Honda CRV, and are like many individuals, you may probably have a large variety of your music stored on an iPod. Luckily, with all Honda CRVs, it is possible to connect the iPod with the sound system and play the music over the car's speakers Figure 3.1 The top of an iPod is where you plug in headphones, speakers, or other audio output devices. Although you are likely to use earbuds or other headphones with an iPod, those are certainly not the only audio output devices through which you can play an iPod's music You can stream audio from the BBC Sounds app on your mobile or tablet through your Bluetooth speakers. Just pair your mobile or tablet with your speakers and press play on anything you want to. You can do this through iTunes quite easily. Plug the iPod in and it should appear in the left hand column in iTunes. Select the iPod and expand it so that it shows the playlists etc. that are on your iPod then you can select the playlist you want etc and browse it just like normal in iTunes and play the songs from there

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An example of a simple car kit is the Venturi Minikit for iPod. This is more than just an FM transmitter sitting in your car's cigarette lighter socket and provides you with multiple ways of listening to your iPod music via the car stereo. Use your classic or shuffle iPod Nano to connect to the Venturi using a 3.5mm audio cable You should then hear this selection play through your Echo speaker. You can stream audio from iTunes, Apple Music, Podcasts, and even the Apple TV. You also have the option to play music from any third-party app that has audio, such as AudioBox or Pandora. Controlling playback and more Re: How do I play my ipod/Iphone through car speakers? 04 Mar 2015, 14:58 Unless you have the AUX socket or the iPod cable in the glovebox the best option is probably an FM transmitter If these steps still don't adequately increase your iPod's volume, you'll want to connect the iPod to some speakers via the 3.5mm audio-out port on the iPod itself. You likely already know of this port for its primary use as a headphone connector port. The steps for the iPod Nano and iPod Touch also apply to iPad and iPhone Both are in the same room, I'm not overly fussed about the TV through ceiling speakers. The TV will be added later as we cannot afford it at this stage. I was hoping to hide the amp in a cupboard and run cables behind the plasterboard to the docking station which, presumably would be on a worktop

(For the 160 GB ipod) If you look inside the headphone jack there are two gold prongs. One on each side. I just used a pent staple to pull the one on the side that wasn't making contact and now it's playing through both sides again. (It wasn't working on the right side, but now plays perfectly with my headphones and my speaker in my office. By indexing the music, you can play selections by track, artist, album or genre. SYNC 3 automatically indexes your music every time a media player with new music on it is connected to the system through the USB port. Indexing may take only a few seconds, but if your player holds thousands of songs, the process may take longer to complete.. You can play this through FM Transmitter,tune into your radio stations.You can also get connection to fit straight into your stereo,jack plug.Heard few stories about the transmitters not great reception.The jack plug should be good but think only for the ipod.Stereos available Panasonic cd/mp3 at halfords £150.FM recivers at most stereo electronic out lets Hello, I have an Ipod Nano which has recently stopped playing through the speakers of the Ipod docking speakers. Headphones work fine but when I dock it to play through the speakers it will only play through the tiny internal speakers of the Ipod, which doesn't really fill the loungeroom Usually in the evening I play for about an hour so its my ipod or a cd through a boom box, with electric amp at low volume. When I have more time I play along with the ipod or cd through my stereo at higher volume so the guitar amp is cranked up a bit

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Turn on your iPod and when a song begins playing, the sound should be being played through your stereo's speakers. If you hear no sound, unplug the cable from the iPod, and plug in your normal headphones, to verify that the iPod is actually playing and that its audio volume is turned on The Apple HomePod is a great way to pilot your smart home, but once in a while, the speaker can glitch. Here are some common HomePod errors and how to fix them

Play the station on your iPhone first. If the above tips fail, try playing the radio station on your iPhone first and then ask Siri to play it on your HomePod. To find a radio station on the iPhone, open the Music app and then follow these steps. Tap the Search tab at the bottom You can now ask Alexa to play music and perform other tasks, and the sound is piped through your Bluetooth speaker. Disconnect Speaker If you wish to disconnect the speaker, tap the name of the. how can i play my ipod nano through car stereo? You tune your car radio to a vacant frequency, tune the transmitter to the same frequency, and you get you tunes coming through your speakers. The model I have is a Kensington Universal FM transmitter, which works very well. It is important to have your iPod volume at about 75%

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